Dish of the Day: Pickled Fish With Roasted Ordinary Rice Flour

Dish of the Day: Pickled Fish With Roasted Ordinary Rice Flour

Pickled fish with roasted ordinary rice flour, also known as Ca Thinh is a popular salty food in Vinc Phuc or the Northern midlands in Vietnam.

This dish uses freshwater fish as the main ingredient. It is fermented before it is mixed in the flour and fried. As most fish dishes are either grilled or steamed, this fantastic mouth-watering fish dish is far from conventional with its unique preparation and ingredients.

History of Pickles Fish with Roasted Rice Flour – Ca Thinh

Fermentation is a process that dates back centuries in Vietnam and stays pervasive even as the nation barrels towards more prominent industrialisation in the food production sector. There are more than 50 ethnic groups in Vietnam that hold excellent knowledge of the various processes to ferment or pickle that create unique flavours.

What is Pickled Fish with Roasted Ordinary Rice Flour -Ca Thinh?

This dish is a product made from freshwater fish with scales, for example, silver carp or even catfish. The fish used for this dish has to be very fresh and the bigger, the better.

The fish is cleaned, and the scales are removed thoroughly before being pickled. The freshwater fish is pre-processed and then mixed with the roasted rice flour. This process can also be combined with corn or roasted yellow soybean. It is then fermented and cooked naturally.

Varieties in Ca Thinh

Some people may do this the easy way, which is to get the pickled fish from the market and fry it directly. Vietnamese cherish and treasure their local specialities, and they are willing to put in efforts and time to perfect their dishes.

It is best first to steam the fish to sweeten and smoothen the flesh before coating it in roasted rice flour. Then, the fish is deep-fried, with an addition of herbs and spices. This cooking method allows the fragrance of the pickled fish to seep into the flesh and the skin.

Ca Thinh is a niche dish in Vietnamese cuisine, which can be slightly challenging to make this on our own in Malaysia. It is best to get it from your local Vietnamese restaurants.

What do They Eat it With?

Ca Thinh is best enjoyed with a bowl of warm steamed rice. It is often served during the holidays and even on the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

The locals also consider this dish as a snack with some white wine and a bit of galangal. Galangal falls under the ginger family and comes with a sharp citrusy almost piney in flavour. This is known as a country speciality.

Vietnamese food lovers, get ready to fill your bellies today with the hot choice of Vietnamese, pickled fish with roasted rice flour, as you know by now, the Ca Thinh! If you are craving for more Vietnamese cuisine, go you can always log on to foodpanda and have them delivered right at your doorstep.

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