Dish of the Day: Thai Coffee

Dish of the Day: Thai Coffee

Even those who don’t like drinking coffee or those who are sensitive to caffeine would agree that the smell of coffee is almost enough to awaken your senses. It is safe to say that Thai Coffee is one of the best kinds of coffee today. Just like any other beverages in Thai cuisine, Thai Coffee has a unique aroma and taste of its own. One that gets us ready to face the day and one that keeps us coming back for more.

What is a Thai Coffee

What makes Thai Coffee unique is the addition of cardamom to the drink. Yes, cardamom, the spice often found in Nasi Briyani, one that makes you cringe a little when you accidentally bite into it.

Cardamom seed might leave a distasteful taste in your mouth, but when used just in the right amount, it leaves a unique, aromatic flavour that transports you into another dimension. Thai coffee also contains an orange or yellow dye which gives it unique orangey colour.

A high-quality ground coffee dripped into an espresso shot, just the right amount of cardamom and a light sweetened milk and a handful of ice– you have yourself a cup of Asian wonders.

The History of Coffee in Thailand

Coffee in Thailand can be seen as relatively new compared to other Asian countries like Vietnam. It was only in the 1970s that King Bhumibol Adulyadej launched a project to help local communities grow coffees as an alternative to growing opium poppies that are used as drugs.

Despite being late to the coffee industry, Thailand is considered to be one of the leading countries in coffee productions, specialising in Arabica Coffee.

Today, Chiang Mai thrives as the place for Arabiata to grow due to its elevated geography. Chiang Mai has even earned the title “The Bean Belt” for its robust area to grow coffee while the Robusta coffee is produced in the Southern parts of Thailand.

The Benefits of Thai Coffee

Coffee isn’t just another means to help you stay awake during the day, but it also has other benefits. Believe it or not, coffee drinkers have a lower risk of heart attack, and it can help prevent Parkinson’s disease as well as lower the risk of Alzheimer and Diabetes Type 2. Cardamom contained in Thai Coffee can help prevent bad breath and help your body fight infections. So if you’re feeling gloomy and sick, Thai Coffee might be an excellent choice to drink. Apart from that, cardamom can also prevent cavities in your mouth.

Where to get the best Thai Coffee in KL

For a good cup of freshly brewed Thai Coffee, head over to Boat Noodle located in several locations including Sunway Putra, The Gardens, KL Gateway and Berjaya Times Square for their Thai Iced Coffee. You can choose to have it with an excellent authentic Thai dish or have it to-go while you’re heading to your office. Visit foodpanda to learn more about Thai dishes.

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