Dish of the Day: Thai Fried Rice

Dish of the Day: Thai Fried Rice

Generally, fried rice is rice combined with some vegetables and chicken slices or seafood that are cooked in a pan. For Malaysians, we have a soft spot in our hearts for fried rice. It is one of the simplest dishes which require minimum preparation and short cooking time.

Nonetheless, we have a variety of fried rice dishes that we can order from stalls by the road or fancy restaurants. If you ever find yourself at a loss to choose what to eat, you can always go for comfort foods like fried rice.

Thai Fried Rice

If you go to any Thai restaurant, you are sure to spot Thai fried rice on their menu. You definitely have to try it! You will be surprised by the meal when it arrives at your table. Some Thai restaurants serve their Thai fried rice inside the half of an empty pineapple instead of a plate.

Aesthetic pleasing and fragrant, it is a delight to your eyes, nose and taste buds. It is good to consume Thai fried rice because rice is a staple food in Malaysia and Thailand. Besides containing protein that our body needs, rice also gives energy for us to work or do some activities. Thai fried rice is basically like any other fried rice that comes with shrimps or chickens but what makes it different?

Secret Ingredient

Something that makes Thai fried rice even more special than other types of fried rice is for their ingredients. Most Thai fried rice uses fish sauce as its special ingredient. The flavour from the fish sauce gives an aromatic taste and smell to the fried rice. It balances the salty, sweet, and spicy taste to the dish which makes it delicious.

How To Make Thai Fried Rice?

The most important ingredient in order to make your own Thai fried rice at home is jasmine rice. The Thais do not use other type of rice because jasmine rice has fragrant smell and softer texture. Other basic ingredients that you need for Thai fried rice is garlic, onions, chillies, and shrimp paste. Firstly, you need to sauté garlic, onions and chillies in hot oil inside a pan.

Then, add some chickens and eggs to the pan for a few minutes. After that, you are ready to pour in the steamed rice and mix all the ingredients together. Add some fish sauce for a unique flavour and stir fry for another few minutes and you are done. After you put some rice onto a plate, place some sliced cucumbers around the rice for additional unique presentation. You are good to go!

Dine-In or Home Delivery

Boat Noodle which has many branches all over Malaysia especially inside shopping malls serves you the best Thai food experience. Besides the cute small bowls of noodles, you can also get Pad Thai, Thai Fried Rice, and Pad Kra Pao. They taste delicious; you would want to come again. The settings inside Boat Noodle give some ideas on how Thailand looks like.

You can enjoy their famous iced red tea, iced green tea, or iced coffee. For desserts, you can choose to have steamed bread with sangkaya dip or coconut shake which are their best-sellers. However, if you are too busy to visit the restaurant or too lazy to go out, you can simply order your favourite Thai food from Boat Noodle via foodpanda.

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