Dish of the Day: Thai Garlic Chicken Wings

Dish of the Day: Thai Garlic Chicken Wings

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What Are Thai Garlic Chicken Wings

Thai Garlic Chicken Wings stand out from the regular chicken wings because of its authentic Thai glaze. The sauce tastes sweet, salty, sour and spicy all in one bite. Whether you are eating it at restaurants or making it yourself at home, it is sure to be satisfying to your tummy!

Chicken wings are often thought of as appetiser to be eaten on its own or with a dipping sauce. In Asian countries, however, they can be served as one of the main dishes with white rice. The combination of sweet and salty flavours of the chicken wings and the rice makes for a hearty meal that will keep you energised for the day.

In most recipes, the dipping sauce doubles as the marinade. Half of the batch will be mixed with the chicken wings and cooked in a wok. The other half will be served as the dipping sauce. You can choose to make the consistency of the sauce thicker by letting it simmer on a saucepan. 

For the sauce, combine soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, fish sauce, oyster sauce, and Thai red chilli paste. It is essential to include sesame oil to give the chicken wings its unique flavour and taste. The chicken wings are left to marinate for at least two hours or overnight to ensure that the flavours are fully absorbed.

After this, the chicken wings are ready to be deep-fried or baked in an oven. For the batter, you do not need to add in too much flour into the mix. Only add in flour to make the sauce thicker. Sprinkle some sesame seeds on top of the fried chicken before serving. 

Nutritional Information For Thai Garlic Chicken Wings


Any recipe containing chicken has proteins. For a single chicken wing, it has about 5 to 9 g of protein. If it is fried, they have about 23 g of cholesterol. If you are trying to maintain or lose weight, a different cut of chicken is better. One great example is chicken breast. Chicken wings are best for those trying to gain weight or to build muscle. 


Chicken on its own has low calories, but when you deep-fry it in oil or add the sauce to the mix, it can pack a lot of calories. Depending on whether it is deep-fried or baked, the oil content will differ. You can choose to bake your fried chicken for fewer calories in the meal.

The skin of the chicken makes up for a lot of the calories. For a single chicken wing with its skin, it contains about 99 calories compared to if it is skinless, which is only 42 calories. It is recommended that you lay off the skin if you’re trying to watch your weight and calorie intake. 

Thai Sauce

Fish sauce is one of the main ingredients in the recipe to gives that authentic Thai taste. Fish sauce has a lot of vitamins and minerals that our bodies often need. The sauce usually contains anchovies and sardines which are high in omega-3. 

Where To Find Thai Garlic Chicken Wings

Head to the nearest Thai restaurant in Malaysia to get a taste of the chicken goodness. Start your winning chicken dinner at Boat Noodle and later, head to Dragon-i for the next trip.

You can find more chicken wing dishes on foodpanda!

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