Dish of the Day: Thai Kuey Teow Soup

Dish of the Day: Thai Kuey Teow Soup

Relish in some good warm noodle soup without breaking the bank. Usually found at the streets of Bangkok, Thai Kuey Teow soup or more fairly known as boat noodle soup is synonymous to the Thai cuisine. You can recognise it easily with its thick dark broth of noodles with a topping of meatballs and fresh herbs.

What is Thai Kuey Teow Soup

Thai Kuew Soup is a Thai noodle soup dish. The noodles are served with both pork and beef seasoned with dark soy sauce and nam tok, which is pig’s blood mixed with salt and spices. It is the pig’s blood that gives it its thick consistency.

If you don’t have the stomach for pig’s blood, you can ask not to include it. But if you are game to try it, then you might even enjoy it to come for more. The dish is topped off with some parsley, bean sprouts, radish, basil, and chilli flakes.

History Of Thai Kuey Teow Soup

It has been around since the 1940s and was initially served off the boats. In the ancient time, merchants would be serving the dish from their boats. They would do everything from steering and paddling the boat, gather the ingredients for the noodles, season it and serve the meal to passersby.

As you might see in pictures, it is usually served in small bowls. This was because the soup would often spill when it was handed to the customers from the boat. So, for safety reasons, they kept serving it in a small bowl that you can eat out off easily. If you happen to find yourself in Bangkok, you will still find these at the floating market in Bangkok. Nowadays, you can find the noodles in restaurants as well.

Fun Fact! The most well-known vendor goes by the name, Ko Hub. He is so famous that he was even mentioned in films. It was rumoured that he worked from the year 1932 to 1951. Some vendors have even claimed that they were his descendants to leech off his fame.

What Is The Difference Between Thai Kuey Teow Soup And Pho?

First of all, the broth used for Thai boat noodles is different from the one used for Pho noodles. The broth for Thai kuey teow soup is dark and thick whereas the Pho broth is clear and light often paired with some lime and hot sauce. The other difference lies in the ingredients. The Vietnamese Pho Noodle soup predominantly uses beef. The Thai boat noodles, on the other hand, includes pork in three different forms that are in meatballs, pork chops, and cracklings.

Nutritional Information For Thai Kuey Teow Soup

Rice noodles are naturally low in carbohydrates. It can fill you up without worrying that you will gain weight. However, it depends on the method of cooking. Since the rice noodles are in soup with meat and fresh vegetables, it is lower in fat content than if you were to stir-fried it.

Pork is a typical dish eaten, especially in Asian countries. Like other types of red meat, it is quite rich in protein. If you workout, it can help you with build muscles and aids in muscle recovery. However, pork does contain a lot of saturated and unsaturated fat, so it is best not to eat it as much if you are looking to have a healthier diet.

Where To Find Thai Kuey Teow Soup

Fret not! You don’t need to stand in front of a noodle stall to order a delicious Thai Kuey Teow soup. Here we have handpicked the best Thai restaurants to suit your cravings. Go and head to Tiffin’s over at Mid Valley for some aromatic pork dishes that will leave you craving for more.

Then, feast on authentic Thai Dishes at Absolute Thai, or if you want a more intimate setting, we would recommend going to Baan 26 at Changkat Bukit Bintang.

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