Dish of the Day: Thai Sukhothai Noodles

Dish of the Day: Thai Sukhothai Noodles

There’s something about Thai food that is simply irresistible. It might be the spiciness level that it carries or the delicate taste of fish sauce as the base of every traditional Thai dishes, or maybe it’s in their simple ingredients and complex flavours. Whatever it is, it is hard not to love Thai cuisines. So it only makes sense that when someone mentions the Thai Sukhotai Noodles, we are here to stay with our empty bellies and hopeful taste buds. We mean, how can you go wrong with flat noodles and Thai flavours?

What is Thai Sukhothai Noodles?

The Thai Sukhothai Noodles is flat noodles, or kuey teow served with a sweet pork broth and topped with a very thin layer of pork called Sen Lek and other toppings like green onion and bean sprouts, green beans, sliced turnips and pork crackling.

There are two variations to eat this dish – you can have your Sukhotai with the sweet pork broth or you can have it dry. The broth has a mellow hint of sweetness and a slight sourness derived from fresh lime squeezed before eating.

The History of the Thai Sukhothai Noodles

The dish got its name due to its existence during the Sukhothai era. During the era, Thailand did a lot of trading with the Chinese, especially in the shipment of the Celadon Sangkhalok Ware. The long business relationship with China then led to the introduction of noodles during the Ayutthaya era.

During the reign of King Ramathibodi III (Narai), in the mid-1600s, also known as the golden age of foods, the Thais were introduced to various food ingredients from abroad. When the Chinese merchants introduced the Kuey teow, they had it boiled and put into the beef broth. The Thais then took this recipe and added their personal twist to adapt to the local taste.

Today the main ingredients used to make Kuay teow Sukhothai remains as sliced green beans, ground peanut and lime juice. However, it is easy to see different variations of Kuay teow Sukhothai spread across the different parts of Thailand like the Kamphaeng Phet, which has an addition of the dried salted prawn as toppings.

If you make your way to Nakhonsithammarat’s, the city in the south of Thailand, it is more common to see shredded cabbage being used as toppings compared to the green beans. You can even check out our recipe of this delicious noodles here

Its Health Benefits

The Sukhothai Noodles is not only packed with flavour, but it is also great for your health. Most of the ingredients have a low GI Index, so it is good for those who are looking to shed some weight.

The pork used as the main ingredient of the dish is not only a good source of protein but is also high in phosphorus, iron and zinc, all nutrients that aid in stronger bones. Peanuts, on the other hand, are known to have healthy fats that aid in better cardiovascular functions.

Where to get the Thai Sukhothai Noodles in Malaysia

If you want to try this bowl of Thai flavours, make your way to Foo Fee Restaurant in Manjalara and try their variety of Sukhothai including the Seafood Tofu Sukhothai and Bursting Meatball Sukhothai.

For something a little closer to the authentic version, make your way to Sukho Thai Restaurant in Georgetown to not only try their Sukhothai but choose from their variety of authentic Thai food.

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