Dish of the Day: Thit Dong

Dish of the Day: Thit Dong

Thit dong is one of the best desserts in Vietnam. Thit dong or jellied pork is a dessert that everyone can enjoy during hot weather. The flavourful pork that is served with vegetables is enriched with the refreshing taste of jelly. Every scoop of jelly is cooling and gives the dish a variety of textures.

What is Thit Dong?

Thit dong is actually one of Vietnam’s unique desserts which are often served during hot seasons. Thit dong is actually made of jelly, pork and greens which enrich the taste of this beautiful dessert. Although this dish is usually served as a dessert, they are people who prefer to eat this dish along with rice. The combination of cold and hot in your mouth will make you be amazed by the sparks of warmth with the cold. 

History of Thit Dong

Jelly was first discovered in the 18th century in one of Hannah Glasse writings; The Art of Cookery. The usage of jelly was first recorded to be used as a layer of trifle in Glasse’s book. The refreshing taste of jelly makes it a commonly prepared dessert. The sweet and sugary jelly can help to cool and cleanse your palate after eating something hot or spicy.

This jelly is super easy to make, where one only needs to combine plain gelatin with the desirable ingredients or flavourings in hot water. In the year 1375, the discovery of combining jelly and meat was founded in Europe. At the time, the jellied dish was called aspic. In the 19th century, food that was prepared hot but is served cold was created by a cook named Marie-Antoine Carême.

Jelly was used to cover the meat and is able to preserve the food and prevent it from going bad before serving. The gelatin helps to prevent bacteria from the air from making contact with the food which maintains its freshness. Jellied meat later became popularised and widespread all over the world for its usefulness of preserving the meat and adding to the delicious flavour.

In Vietnam, jellied pork is one of the famous sides that has nourishing ingredients and exquisite taste. People enjoy eating jellied pork during the hot weather because of the cool sensation one experiences when eating the dessert. You can now experience winter during summer with every bite of thit dong.

Health Benefits of Thit Dong

Thit dong is rich in protein that contains less fat than any of sweeten side dishes. The collagen in the gelatin maintains and helps one to have good and healthy skin. The skin will become firmer with no wrinkles and ageing lines.

It also contributes to improving one’s sleeping habits as it contains glycine. With every bite of thit dong, consumers get to gain minerals and vitamins that are in the dish. This dish should be shared with your loved ones, as they say, food shared is love shared. 

Where to Find Thit Dong in Malaysia?

Thit dong or jellied pork can be found at the nearest Vietnamese restaurant such as Mimi Nguyen Cafe. This restaurant serves the best thit dong for you and your beloved ones.

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