Dish of the Day: Vietnamese Pancakes(Bánh Rán)

Dish of the Day: Vietnamese Pancakes(Bánh Rán)

It’s dessert time! If you are a fan of mochi or ‘tang yuan’, you will love Banh Ran. Vietnamese pancakes, also known as Banh Ran, is not the typical pancake that we used to know.

Banh Ran is a very popular snack that is made of glutinous rice flour balls. It is usually filled with red bean paste and coated with white sesame seeds. It looks exactly like our local snack – Jian Dui.

Other than red bean paste, sometimes the fillings are made of Jasmine flower essence. So if you prefer something more floral and fragrant, you might want to try out this type of Banh Ran.

What are Vietnamese Pancakes (Bánh Rán)?

Bánh Rán is a dessert that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Doesn’t it sound delicious already? This dessert hails from the Northern Vietnamese cuisine. It is a deep-fried glutinous rice ball. Bánh in Vietnamese refers to the category of food that ranges from cakes, pies and pastries. Rán, on the other hand, means fried.

The outer shell is made from glutinous rice flour and is covered with white sesame seeds. The fillings contain sweetened mung beans paste and are scented with jasmine flower essence.

The Jasmine element differentiates it from the Southern dessert known as Bánh Cam. Another difference is that the Bánh Rán’s fillings are separated from the shell, and the rattling of its fillings is the epitome of its feature.

Banh Ran has many ways of preparing it. The most typical method is the use of sesame seeds coating, but if you do not have that, you may serve it with maple syrup or shredded coconut. This type of dessert is advised best not to make it into a sweet snack. Banh Ran can be a savoury snack, where one may dip it into fish sauce or chilli paste.

It is generally eaten as a standard snack after the meal or just any time of the day when you feel like having something light and chewy. The ideal way of having Banh Ran is to eat it straight out of the wok when it is hot out of the fryer.

Similar to other local snacks in Vietnam, such as Banh Xeo – the crispy Vietnamese pancakes, Banh Ran is more of a dessert type of meals. Although it can be made into a savoury, Banh Ran is generally popular among kids and younger generations as it is more for the sweet tooth.

How Do you Eat Vietnamese pancakes (Bánh Rán)?

In the Northern region of Vietnam, people pour a sugary syrup all over their pastry and then consume it. Other than that, you can do it yourself at the comfort of your own home. Just prepare the dough and fill in whichever fillings that you like, deep fry the sesame balls and you are ready to go!

Where to Find Vietnamese pancakes (Bánh Rán) in Malaysia?

Banh Ran is a very common snack in Vietnam, easily found in Hanoi and other big cities, where it is easily accessible for tourists.

You can find different types of Vietnamese steamed rice pancakes at Saigon House Cuisine. There are also other options like Highland Viet Cafe that offers pancakes too. Be sure to check these restaurants out if you’re in the mood for a change in taste buds for a dessert dish. Find out more about Vietnamese cuisine on foodpanda!

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