Best 8 Food To Eat at D’Piazza Mall Penang

Best 8 Food To Eat at D’Piazza Mall Penang

D’Piazza Mall in Penang hosts a whole lot of food stores for you to choose from. Check out our top 8 recommendations of where to eat while you’re here!

1. Vegan Meals

Sometimes, it’s best to give your body (-and the environment) a break from all that meat and dairy products. The Leaf Healthy Recipes serves up a variety of tasty vegan dishes that will make even the most loyal meat lovers come back for seconds.

Try the Pesto Pasta- the creamy and richness from the plate will have you wonder how they made the dish sans dairy!

Address: D’Piazza Mall 70-1, 49, Jalan Mahsuri, Bandar Bayan Baru, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
Hours: 11.00 AM – 3.00 PM, 5.30 PM – 9.30 PM (closed on Sunday)

2. Shaved Ice

On those hot and sunny days in Penang, nothing beats a bowl of MyKori featuring your favourite shaved iced delights! We recommend you try the Chocolate Tiramisu Kakigori. You’ll be served a big bowl of milk-drenched ice, crispy chocolate balls, and cocoa powder, topped with shredded chocolate.

Then, this icy delight is doused with crème Chantilly, shredded chocolate and two pieces of Tiramisu cake within. Yum!

Address: 70-1-78 D’Piazza Mall, Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Baru, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang
Hours: 2.00 PM – 11.00 PM

3. Beef La Mien

Stop by CMR 3.0 China Muslim Restaurant for authentic Chinese cuisine that’s halal! They serve up quite an impressive menu list with a variety of items to choose from. We recommend the rich Beef la Mien for a bowl of hand-pulled noodles and a rich broth that’s made from twelve hours of cooking.

Pair this meal with the famous Brinjal and Lamb stir-fry. We hear its melt-in-your-mouth worthy!

Address: 70-1-12 D’Piazza Mall, Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Baru, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 11.00 AM – 3.00PM, 5.30 PM – 10.00 PM

4. Nyonya Food

The Peranakan culture has a strong influence on their dishes, and if you’re looking for authentic Baba Nyonya food, we highly recommend Kay’s Peranakan Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant. Grab a crunchy plate of freshly made Pai Tee and a hot serving of Otak-Otak for starters.

A must-have main meal here is the Asam Pedas- a hot and sour dish that features a whole fish of your choice. Complete your meal with a bowl of Pulut Hitam for dessert!

Address: 70-1-19 D’Piazza, Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Baru, 11900, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 11.30 AM – 9.30 PM (Closed on Monday)

5. Banana Leaf

Banana leaf meals are always a great lunch option- they’re budget-friendly on the pocket and taste-friendly on the mouth! At Restoran Veloo Villas you can pile on your favourite curries and vegetables to your heart’s content- be mindful to not waste!

We think they serve up an awesome serving of lady’s fingers that’s cooked to the point where the fresh greens are just about to wilt (so- crunch is guaranteed) in a hearty spice mix.

Get the Mutton Varuval while you’re here too!

Address: 70-1-62 & 70-1-63, D’Piazza Mall, Bandar Bayan Baru, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 7.00 AM – 10.15 PM

6. Pad Kraw Paw

We love Thai food- and if you’re like us, give Chaopraya by SA Kenari a visit. They serve authentic Thai cuisine that will quickly make you a regular. We recommend you get one of the many rice set options because they are so worth your money.

The Pad Kraw Paw comes highly recommended! You’ll love the saucy and nutty of the chicken alongside the mandatory fragrant jasmine rice. You’ll also get a bowl of Tom Yam with your meal!

Address: 70-1-76 D’Piazza Mall, Bandar Bayan Baru, 11900 Bayan Lepas
Hours: 12.00 PM – 11.30 PM

7. Dim Sum

Dim sum is literally translated to mean “touch the heart” and the associated Cantonese phrase yum cha means “to drink tea.” Typically made a meal by combining the dim sum and yum cha, you’re in for a treat at this traditional store. Chomp of your favourite dumplings and sip on some fragrant tea!

At Canning Dim Sum Express bring your friends and family and indulge on a variety of freshly made soft buns while you share a pot of Chinese tea. A must-try is the Salted Egg Pau- don’t miss out!

Address: 70-1-60, D’Piazza Mall, Jalan Mahsuri, Bandar Bayan Baru, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 7.30 AM – 10.00 PM

8. Taiwan Dessert Bowls

At BlackBall, you can choose from a long list of desserts to indulge on. We recommend the signature BlackBall Classic- a tall glass serving up chilled and sweetened milk with a heavy serving of sweet red beans, tapioca balls and slippery jelly bits.

It’s the perfect teatime spot on those hot days!

Address: 64, Jalan Mahsuri, Bandar Bayan Baru, 11950 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 12.00 PM – 10.30 PM

And there you have it – our recommendations of food stores to try in D’Piazza Mall, Penang.

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