Facebook Live with Din Tai Fung — A Writer’s Experience

Facebook Live with Din Tai Fung — A Writer’s Experience

Din Tai Fung is one of the restaurants I have always walked past and thought to myself, “My God, it’s so crowded inside.” It’s really true – the Din Tai Fung chain of restaurants has always drawn in a full crowd, no matter weekday or weekend. I’ve always wanted to know what was so special about the food, but never had the opportunity to sample their wares until foodpanda came to the rescue!

Okay, I have to admit – it was an event for our influencers, for them to talk about Din Tai Fung’s famous xiaolongbao and other specialties in a live video on facebook, together with the owner of the Din Tai Fung chain in Malaysia, Jenny Yeh. However, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to finally taste the much-praised food of the restaurant.

Facebook Live with Din Tai Fung | foodpanda Magazine

The event was last Friday, and of course I was pumped up to not only step into Din Tai Fung, but also to meet our influencers. We had two of them collaborate on this event – Talitha Tan, who is a local singer-songwriter and overall sweetheart, and Simon Willmore, an editor with EatDrink.my and total Liev Schreiber lookalike.

Of course, no foodpanda event is complete without Panda, so we had our colleague and Din Tai Fung account manager Yee Yang to do the honours this time. It was fun watching Panda dance while Talitha sang and played her guitar. If you haven’t watched the video, it’s still on foodpanda’s facebook page! I’ll even link it below for you to have a look.

Anyway, let’s not take anything away from the food. We were privileged to be able to sample around 15 dishes, and each one was as unique as the one before. From starters to xiaolongbao to golden custard egg buns, the spread was awesome, to say the least! Jenny was there with us from the beginning til the end, patiently explaining each dish, its history and the ingredients.As for me, I was happy to finally sample the must-try xiaolongbao, which is essentially a dumpling with a soup and meat filling. There’s even a technique to eating it too – which I will definitely cover in my review of the dishes.

I would say last Friday was the most fun we had doing a food review. Both Talitha and Simon definitely kept us entertained with their wittiness and music skills (Simon plays a mean guitar, btw!) and it was a learning experience for me, to taste fine Taiwanese cuisine with a long and rich history. Keep a lookout for the food review!

Facebook Live with Din Tai Fung | foodpanda Magazine

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