Food clicks of the month – April 2017

Food clicks of the month – April 2017

Hello, dear reader! We hope April’s been treating you well. This month, we are starting something new – Food Clicks of the Month. We have always been big fans of all your food photographs on Instagram, and we want to feature them for the world to see! Hence, starting this month, we are launching the Food Clicks of the Month blog post to feature our favourite photos!

Want to be featured? Just follow these simple steps:

  • Post your food related pictures on Instagram using the hashtag #foodclickpanda or #foodpandamy or both.
  • Be sure to set your Insta profile as public!
  • We will review all the pictures sent to us each month and publish the best ones on the first day of the month.

This month, being the first month, we are featuring some of our past and present ambassadors’ best pics. Enjoy!

1. @emilyquak – makeup and food goddess!

2. @faris_shafii – food photographer extraordinaire!

3. @brynaaaaa – food explorer!

4. @tziaaa – looking good with a Ramly at hand!

5. @squarepad – king of Yee Sang shots!

6. @jazelxlim – a fitness and foodie enthusiast!

7. @carol.eats – a feast for the eyes!

8. @zacharyyeoh – who knew food could look so beautiful?

Article Written By Team foodpanda

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