My Food Delivery Experience – with a Celebrity!

My Food Delivery Experience – with a Celebrity!

“Do you want to be the driver for Patricia K when she delivers food next week?”

That question would have been one most of the men in the office would have killed for, but it was asked to me. Being a part of the Marketing team, with the event led by my good friend and colleague Emi, I couldn’t say no. Teamwork makes the dream work, so they say.

The premise was simple enough though – we were to pick Patricia up from her place (not revealing where!), drive her to Kenny Rogers Roasters in Jaya Shopping Centre, pick up the food and bring it over to Ezra Chua, who is also a radio personality and voice talent – all while recording LIVE on facebook. No room for mistakes – easy peasy, right?

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However, I have to say – I was clueless on who Patricia K (real name: Patricia Knudsen) was. My fingers quickly typed out her name and the first thing that popped up was her instagram handle. ‘Child to Malaysian Tiger mum and hippie Danish dad,’ it said. What an introduction! I soon found out she was formerly a radio host, she’s a model and emcee, and she’s dating Joey G, former Channel [V] host!

Fast forward to last Thursday, I was worried that my car was too small for her. I drive a Korean hatchback compact car, and it probably fits 4 Tyrions comfortably, nothing more. We had no gadget dock, so Emi would have to hold the phone the entire trip. I downloaded Urban Ninja for the first time and wasn’t sure how to use it. Basically, we were super nervous, as all of this would be live on Facebook!

So on Friday morning, Emi and I squared our shoulders and went on our way to pick Patricia up. You would expect someone like Patricia to be a little aloof.

Surprisingly she was super friendly, very chatty and had so many things to say! The drive from her place to Jaya Shopping Centre, though slow due to high traffic volume, was fun and the whole event went on like a breeze – even Joey joined us in the live comments!

We picked the food up within 20 mins of the order made by Ezra (new record, maybe? heh!) and quickly went on our way to pass the food to her. During the journey, we spoke about many things, like her love for food, her favourite superhero (actually, super villain) and even about thought-provoking things like stalking, maintaining a public image and more – some which were off-camera.

When we passed the food to Ezra, seeing Patricia was such a pleasant surprise for her as both of them are good friends in real life! It was nice to witness their mini reunion, and they definitely took some selfies too! As for me, it was a great experience using Urban Ninja and stepping into our riders’ shoes for one day. Given a chance, I’d definitely do it again!

Here’s the link to the video in case you missed it!

This article features instagram posts from Patricia K (@patriciaknudsen), Ezra Chua (@ezraontheradio) and foodpanda Malaysia (@foodpandamy).

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