Halfest And Exhibition

Halfest And Exhibition

What is Halfest?

Halfest Jakim Expo

HALFEST JAKIM 2019 is the largest Halal food and beverage expo in Malaysia. The exhibition provides a platform for Halal entrepreneurs, particularly those from the micro and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) industry to promote their Halal products and services, while also creating and strengthening work connections.

When is Halfest 2019?

Image Credit: Iwan Shu-Aswad Shuaib

The Halfest Expo is happening on the 4th till 8th September 2019 at the Mines Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC), Serdang, Kuala Lumpur. The exhibition is open to all ages and entry is free.

What to expect

Be prepared to be amazed at the variety of products and services showcased at Halfest 2019. There are expected to be more than 450 companies participating in the exhibition. The exhibitors will not just be local companies but will also include multinational and international companies with Halal certification from their country of origin.

Here are some of the Halal products and services exhibited at Halfest 2019:

Halfest foods
  • Halal Consumables & Premises
    – Confectionary
    – Dairy products
    – Food
    – Beverages
    – Additives
    – Ingredients & flavouring
    – Food chains
    – Frozen food
    – Healthcare products
    – Pharmaceuticals
    – Seasonings & spices
Halfest non products
  • Halal Non-food Products
    – Cosmetics
    – Detergent
    – Toiletries
    – Body care items
  • Islamic Investment Banking and Takaful
  • Islamic Hospitality and Tourism

One of the attractions at Halfest is the Halal Tourism booths. Among the exhibitors include hotels, restaurants and outlets that are commonly frequented by tourists. Visitors can experience and discover Halal tourism both in-bound and out-bound at special promotions.

This creates opportunities for potential collaboration with the entrepreneurs present at the exhibit as well as promoting their business. Of course, the highlight of the exhibition would be the food products. Visitors can expect to be treated to an array of food and beverages at food kiosks located at the upper mezzanine floor.

Exhibition visitors can listen to talk sessions by industry leaders where speakers will talk about helpful tips and know-hows for businesses. With about 50 sessions by prominent speakers throughout Halfest, visitors can expect to gain valuable insight into drafting business proposals, applying for loans and marketing strategies.

Halfest Jakim Expo 2

Besides the booths and exhibitors, there are interactive programmes as well. Visitors may drop by the Malaysia Halal Clinic by JAKIM whereby, they can learn the procedures as to applying for JAKIM’s Halal certification and address enquiries such as reapplying, renewing and maintaining the certification. Out of all the participating entrepreneurs and SMEs, about 50 business owners will be selected and be provided with business solutions to support and generate value in their business.

For the ease and comfort of visitors, there is a multitude of complementary services provided at the exhibition. This includes a free trolley service where complimentary trolleys are provided to visitors and once full, they may drop their trolleys at the counter, collect a new one and continue shopping. Upon exiting the car park, their goods may be collected at the pick-up drive-thru counter.

Shuttle service is provided as well where shuttle vans will pick up visitors from KTM Serdang to MIECC. This also applies during Friday prayers where shuttle services are provided to nearby mosques. Automated Teller Machines (ATM) will be provided within the exhibition hall itself, in addition to the existing ATMs within Mines Shopping Mall for the convenience of visitors.

Ultimately, Halfest aims to increase the demand for Halal certified products by creating awareness and education to the general public about the benefits of products and services with Halal certification. By doing so in an open consumer expo, opportunity is provided for SMEs to promote their branding and connect with other entrepreneurs. Thus, providing a platform for Halal businesses to grow and expand to international markets.

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