Frisky Goat Café Delivery in KL

Frisky Goat Café Delivery in KL

Frisky Goat Café, situated in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), is often the talk of the town. This is the perfect place for any meals, be it breakfast, lunch, tea time or dinner! Well, good news! You can now skip the queue because Frisky Goat Café delivery is now availablein KL! Thanks to foodpanda, you can now indulge in delicious food at home.

Before we talk about the food, let’s talk about the ambience of the café. This café has a relaxing ambience with Western interior designs. Due to the huge crowd and limited seats, you’re considered lucky if you manage to get a seat! This tells a lot about the quality of the food and drinks. Here we have compiled some of the signature dishes of Frisky Goat Café. Let’s check it out!

Dishes to Order for Frisky Goat Café Delivery in KL:

  • Golden Chicken Burger

This burger is no ordinary burger; you’ll never find this anywhere else. It is a fried chicken burger with beef bacons or turkey hams.

The various meats are paired with spicy teriyaki mayo sauce and fresh pineapple sauce. Served with peppery French fries, this burger will definitely be a fulfilling meal. 

  • Monsieur Ben Waffles

We are calling out fellow waffle lovers! You will have to try this dish. It has Belgian waffle served with poached eggs, spinach, and bacons, simple yet delicious! We’re already salivating by just the thought of it.

The waffle for this dish is unsweetened. For those who have a sweet tooth, opt for the sweet waffle version that is topped with crispy fried chicken. Get your hands on the waffles before they are sold out!

  • Prosperity Salad

If you’re more health-conscious, don’t miss out on the Prosperity Salad. This mini yee-sang styled salad will pamper not just your taste buds, but also your health. We can guarantee that even those who do not fancy salads will enjoy this!

The homemade oriental dressing makes this salad unique and delicious. You also get to choose between smoked duck or smoked salmon in your salad.

To finish up your hearty meal, dessert is a must! You can try out their cakes and pastries that are on display at the bakery section. Don’t be surprised to see a wide array of desserts that don’t only look beautiful, but also taste good.

And that’s about it! What are you waiting for? Visit Frisky Goat Café and have your cravings fixed! Alternatively, place your orders via the foodpanda app, as the Frisky Goat Café delivery is now available in KL!

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