Grow Your Own Food

Grow Your Own Food

Growing our own food is not only great for the environment, but for your health as well. There is infinite joy in growing your own crops and enjoying the fruit of your efforts. 

For those with huge backyards or a garden, it’s a great way of utilising the space to grow greens and make your empty plot of land more aesthetically pleasing. A garden gives you a sense of routine as you will have to remember to water it, weed it and care for it. It’s also a great training wheel for kids to take care of a plant before bigger responsibilities such as having a pet. 

Growing crops and vegetables are also a sure-fire way of ensuring that your food is organic and pesticide-free. As some people may be allergic to certain chemicals, self-grown plants are a great way of safeguarding your dinner table from chemicals. 

Why is Growing Your Own Food is Important?

Growing your own food is sustainable as you control what goes into the soil. Thus, allowing you to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that will pollute nearby water sources and soil. With crop rotation, we’re essentially nourishing the soil and reduce the chances of nutrient depletion for nearby vegetation as well. Below are more reasons why you should start growing your own food:

Improve you and your family’s health

With your own garden, you’ll be able to harvest fresh crops that are organic and not contaminated with harmful pesticides or herbicides. The vitamins and nutrients of fresh vegetables are great for your immune system and your gut health. 

Save money on groceries

Besides, getting organic food, you’ll be saving cost. This is because you’re able to continue harvesting your crops multiple times. Organic produce and fruits sold in supermarkets are more expensive compared to non-organic produce.  

Reduce environmental effect

By growing your own produce, you get to lessen the use of unnecessary fuels and air pollution caused by transportation. Supermarkets and groceries don’t have to import or transport produce from the farms to sell to consumers. You also reduce the usage of pesticides and herbicides. Thus, preventing water and air pollution. 

Healthy lifestyle and work out

Growing your own food means you are sweating out and exercising. The entire family could work together and contribute to food on the dinner table. Spending time gardening and learning about plants also strengthen the bonds between family members. While you’re outside, you get to enjoy the fresh air and get some sunlight on your skin for vitamin D production. 

Reduce food waste

With fresh crops in your garden, you won’t have to buy groceries to last a week or more. As you can pick and harvest when you have to cook, you won’t be wasting food from the market that can’t last and will go bad. 

How Can We All Play Our Part

Now, we can start to grow our own food. Here are what you can do in building your own food;

Start with a container garden

If you have no yard or you are living in a cool apartment, worry not, you still can grow your food. You can start by growing them in the container. There are plenty of vegetables that grow well in small containers or pots.

You can be creative with your mini garden by hanging them by a hook in a beautiful corner of your house or in your kitchen. Among the best greens that can be well-grown in a tiny pot are rosemary, basil, thyme and strawberry.

Start with a no-dig vegetable garden

A no-dig vegetable garden is just like what its name says; you don’t have to dig up your garden to grow your greens. This method is more manageable as you don’t have to weed the plants. Among the best greens and fruits that are best suited for a no-dig garden are strawberries, pumpkins, beans and potatoes.

Have your own worm farm

Worm farming is the best way to sustain your garden and kitchen. The organic waste will be eaten by your worms in your worm farm, which will recycle the nutrients back into your soil. It can also provide your grounds with a better stream of organic fertiliser and soil conditioner. Besides, worms also help to aerate the soil and help prevent pests.

Plant a fruit tree

Try to plant a fruit tree and be overjoyed with the result. There are many fruit tree that can be planted by yourself like citrus, plum, lemon and raspberry. Start to plant your fruit tree and enjoy its freshness with your loved ones.

5 Fast Growing Vegetables That are Suitable For Your Garden

1. Spinach

Should be the first plant you try to grow on your garden. The process of harvesting it is quick and simple. The next thing you know, it has already sprouted in one month.

2. Arugula

Arugula is a great plant that is suitable for your garden. These fast-growing greens are the best with the spicy and peppery flavour to it.

3. Baby carrots

These are healthy snacks that you should try. The carrots can be grown in the ground or in a container. Both can be used to grow baby carrots. By sowing it in quality soil, you can have your delicious result in 30 days.

4. Radishes

Radishes are not hard to cultivate with the right spacing and water amount. The radishes can be harvested in 25 days.

5. Cucumbers

This is a flexible plant that you can use in many dishes. Cucumbers are known to be quick to harvest but note on the place of harvesting; cucumbers need to be grown in a spacious area as it can reap far from its root. 

Grow your own food now and see the beautiful changes you made. By reading this article, you are already one step towards changing the world to become a better place for you and your loved ones.

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Article Written By Evans

Evans Hu is a foody at heart. He is always on the look out to explore best places to dine in Klang Valley. When he’s free, he often goes on a “culinary trip” out of Klang Valley with his friends and family.

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