Top 7 Hot Pot Places to Satisfy Your Cravings in Penang

Top 7 Hot Pot Places to Satisfy Your Cravings in Penang

Too many food options to choose from while you’re in Penang? We got you. Check out these Top 7 Hot Pot Places to Satisfy Your Cravings in Penang!

1. Bangkok Lane’s Mee Goreng

There’s something about a plate of steaming hot soft noodles that’s heavily doused in sauces that just does great things to the average Malaysian’s mood. At this famous mee store in Penang, pucker up and prepare to slurp up some of the best noodles you’ll get your hands on in this part of town.

Get your hands on the signature Mee Goreng Sotong for a hefty plate of saucy noodles and sprig squid. At only RM.700, you’re in for a treat!

Address: 280, Jalan Burma, George Town, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 8.30 AM – 6.30 PM (Closed on Monday)

2. Somkid Food Corner

Thai food- we think this cuisine is best enjoyed at any time of the day. The benchmark for Thai shops are easy. Is their Tom Yam good? If the answer is yes, you know you’re in for a treat! At Somkid Food Corner, you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisine on a budget!

Get the seafood tom yam for a rich bowl of spicy and sour flavours added with a host of seafood that will leave you full. Get the Kerabu Mangga, a salad made from unripe mangoes, chillies, and groundnuts that’s tasty and refreshing.

Address: Prima Tanjung, 98-G-39, Jalan Fettes, Kampung Belachan, 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang
Hours: 12.00 PM – 10.00 PM (Closed on Tuesday)

3. Mr. Shawerma

If you’re touring Penang, we know how it can get sometimes. All that walking can work up an appetite. So, why not stop by this shawarma place for a quick meal that will leave you full to carry on with your day.

You’ll be served the basics with an added kick of wholesome flavours. The wrap used is made in house- you’ll first bite into this buttery layer of soft and fluffy bread before you get into the real business- meat. They cook fresh batches of either chicken or lamb here that’s well-seasoned and cooked to tender perfection.

On top of this, you get a serving of fries. Enjoy!

Address: 5th floor, Justfood Foodcourt, Gurney Paragon, Jalan Kelawei 10250 George Town Pulau Pinang MY, Jalan Kelawai, George Town, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 11.00 AM – 9.00 PM

4. G. P. Soon Rojak

One of the best fruit rojak in Penang- run by a generation of Rojak masters. One thing unique about GP Soon’s rojak compared to most stalls in Penang is it add crispy youtiao and cutter fish. This surprise element of cuttlefish and at the price they offer is what makes this rojak spot a must-visit.

Get a large serving of mangos, cucumbers, and jicama topped off with a generous portion of rojak gravy and roasted crushed peanuts on the top. This is a must-try item if you are somewhere near Gurney Drive!

Address: Kompleks Makanan Persiaran Gurney,, Gurney Dr, George Town
Hours: 10.00 AM – 10.00 PM

5. Kompleks Makanan Persiaran Gurney

You can’t talk about Penang without talking about its hallmark food- the Pasembur. Truly a representation of the Penang community, we think this small stall at this food court does it best. The signature sweet and spicy sauce envelopes all the necessary condiments in a pasembur- deep-fried fritters, soft, boiled potatoes, crispy fried bean curd, smooth hard-boiled eggs, and crunchy julienned cucumbers and jicama will make most Malaysians salivate.

So head down here for lunch or teatime and get a cold glass of Sirap Ais to make your meal better!

Address: Gurney Dr, 10250 George Town, Penang
Hours: 12.00 PM – 5.00 PM

6. Cho Dong Jib Korean Restaurant

If you’re a K-everything lover like us, Korean food is a must in your dietary requirements. At this restaurant located in the heart of Penang, dine on some of the best Korean cuisine you can get in Penang.

We recommend the Gochujang Bulgogi- a speciality here especially with all the spicy ramen craze. You’ll taste the spicy peppers for sure- but underneath the heat, you’ll be delighted to indulge on the blooming flavours from the rich meat broth used to cook the noodles in. Yum!

Address: 163D-1-05,Gurney Paragon Mall, Gurney Dr, 10250 George Town, Penang
Hours: 11.00 AM – 10.00 PM

7. Winn’s Café

Come visit this Baba Nyonya restaurant for a taste of authentic Nyonya cooking. A must-have here in=s the Nasi Ulam- a healthy serving of rice with a variety of fresh and clean local salad to munch on.

In most Asian cultures, this meal is one of the healthiest and Winn’s Café doesn’t disappoint! Another must-have is the Salted Fish Bone curry- you’ll be in for an explosion of flavours.

Address: 2, Jalan Irrawaddi, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Hours: 11.00 AM – 10.00 PM

That’s about it – a list of popular hot pot places to try in Penang. If you liked these Top 7 Hot Pot Places to Satisfy Your Cravings in Penang, check out our dessertstreet food and supper recommendations while you’re in town!

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