Hotpot Kitchen Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Hotpot Kitchen Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

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Who doesn’t want a good warm bowl of stir-fried ingredients cooked in dry mala sauce to share between your friends or family? For those who are unfamiliar with the term, mala (麻辣) is a Chinese term that simply translates to “numbing spice”. So, you can probably imagine how spicy mala actually is. Usually, mala is enjoyed in soup form, where the ingredients are submerged in a hearty broth. But at HotPot Kitchen, they offer a stir-fried version that will knock your socks off! Consider yourself lucky since foodpanda now has Hotpot Kitchen Delivery in Kuala Lumpur!

For those of you who love spicy food, this dish probably sounds like heaven to you. And luckily for you, HotPot Kitchen offers a wide selection of vegetables, meats and seafood cooked to perfection in this dry mala sauce. Now, you might be wondering: how do you even get mala dish delivered to your home? Do you get to choose your ingredients? How does it work?

Well, HotPot Kitchen has made the process much easier by providing various sets depending on what you prefer to eat. From vegetarian sets to seafood sets, HotPot Kitchen has curated the best of the best for you to choose from!

Vege Set

Whether you’re vegetarian or if you’re just an avid vegetable lover, HotPot Kitchen’s Vege set is sure to strike your fancy. This combo consists of broccoli, potato, cabbage, lotus root, vegetarian chop & soybean sprouts stir-fried and cooked to perfection. What’s not to love?

Pork Sets

HotPot Kitchen offers two different pork sets to satisfy those who love eating pork meat. Their Pork Set 1 offers belly pork slices, pork balls, broccoli, potato, vege chop and Chinese cabbage, while their Pork Set 2 replaces the belly pork slices and pork balls with shoulder pork slices and Chinese sausage instead. Regardless of which you order, though, expect tender and juicy meat with every bite you take!

Seafood Set

Not a fan or either pork or vegetables? Don’t worry! HotPot Kitchen also offers seafood set for those who aren’t a big fan of red meat but aren’t too in love with greens either. Indulge in tender squid and crab sticks alongside their fresh array of vegetables that comes with the set!

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So, what’re you waiting for? Enjoy the Hotpot Kitchen Delivery in Kuala Lumpur from foodpanda today!

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