Indian Food Delivery Malaysia

Indian Food Delivery Malaysia

The history of Indian cuisine can be dated back to 6200 BC. This world-famous cuisine is famous for its use of fragrant and flavourful ingredients and spices. With foodpanda, you can now order Indian food delivery in cities of Malaysia, right to your doorstep! Experience India’s gastronomic adventure today with foodpanda. 

Besides, Indian cuisine is greatly influenced by religion and tradition. Due to Hinduism being their primary religion, cows are considered sacred, which may be why some Hindus don’t consume meat and are vegetarian. 

With imperialism and colonisation, the country and its cuisine have evolved with many options of ingredients and vegetables. Today, ingredients such as potatoes, tomatoes, chillies and peanuts have become essential parts of Indian cooking. 

Malaysia is a multiracial country, and with local Indians, comes delicious and colourful food available at every corner. Moreover, spicy food is the cornerstone of Indian cooking, and their curry can be said to be one of the best. Discover more below. 

Types of Indian Food

  • Banana Leaf Rice

The ultimate Indian food in Malaysia. Originating from South India, the dish is usually served on a banana leaf as it is said that the antioxidants from the leaf are absorbed by the hot food. The white rice is covered with curry, and you can choose from a range of meat or fish curry. The vegetables and papadam on the side give the dish a contrast of texture and ample nutrients. You can order banana leaf rice from Matahariis Banana Leaf.

  • Chapati

Chapati is made of atta flour, water and salt. Atta flour is the whole grain durum wheat. The chapati is usually made bland for the curry or dhal to shine through. Chapati is enjoyed by dipping it into a bowl of curry. It’s softer and lighter than a roti canai which makes it ideal for a quick bite. Not only that, making a chapati uses less oil compared to roti canai. Order some chapati to be delivered to your home from Roti Chai.

  • Fish Head Curry

Although fish head is not particularly popular in India, the mixing of fish curry with fish head was the creation of an Indian immigrant. It became so popular that Fish Head Curry is considered a delicacy in Chinese cooking. Hence, the dish itself has mixed Indian and Chinese origins. The fish head is usually a red snapper’s head cooked with coconut milk, okra and tamarind juice. If you are craving for one, order fish head curry from Kolombong Fish Head Curry & Café.

  • Tandoori chicken

This dish goes great with roti, naan and rice. Tandoori chicken is marinated in a mixture of spices with yoghurt. The chicken is also cooked in a special clay oven. The marinade and the cooking method gives the chicken a smoky and tangy taste. With a bright red colour, the chicken tastes heavenly, and every bite leaves you craving for more. If you want tandoori chicken delivered to you, order from d’ Tandoor using foodpanda. 

  • Laddu

Indian cuisine also has great desserts. Laddu is a sphere-shaped sweet that is made of flour, sugar, fat and ingredients that may vary with each recipe. They are usually served during the festive season and religious occasions. The sweetness of a single laddu will satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Try the sweet and decadent laddus from J.H Lovely Sweets.

  • Naan

Naan is a leavened flatbread that is oven-baked. This versatile flatbread can be added with toppings and fillings. Besides, it is also commonly used as a wrap as well. The popular dishes with naan are cheese naan, butter naan, garlic cheese naan and many more. Try this famous Mamak restaurant, Restoran RMSY‘s signature cheese naan and order delivery now.

Now, enjoy your Indian food delivery at any time when you’re craving it. Visit foodpanda to find out more about Indian cuisine in Malaysia.

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