It’s time to go around the world with the World Food Tour!

It’s time to go around the world with the World Food Tour!

Ever wanted to travel the world without leaving your couch? Guess what, your wish just came true! The long-awaited World Food Tour has finally hit the foodpanda Malaysia shores, after months of preparation and hard work!

Wondering how you could be a part of it? It’s really simple: just visit the World Food Tour page, sign up with your foodpanda account (i.e. the email address you signed up for foodpanda with), login and start ordering – starting tomorrow! We’re dividing the Tour into 6 different trips, starting with Italian and ending with Japanese on the last week of November.

When you’re all signed up and logged in, you’ll notice that there will be a map and a stamp passport for you. For you to unlock the map, you need to order at least twice from the ‘featured trip’ – which means during Italian week, just order twice from the featured Italian restaurants to unlock the map! Only if your map is complete, you will be in the running for the grand prize (which we’ll explain more about later)!

The passport will be stamped automatically for every foodpanda order you make, no matter which restaurant you order from. All you need is to be signed in to the World Food Tour page each time you place an order – it’s that simple! Two orders equals to a stamp, and you could be in the running for the weekly prizes we have in store!

Ahh, now we come to the prizes. The grand prize is a super duper awesome one, courtesy of our good friends at GoBear.com – 2 return tickets to Japan worth RM3000! Woot woot! Even if you miss out on the grand prize, there are 6 weekly prizes we will be giving out for each trip: RM1000 vouchers from Althea, Lazada and Zalora, stay-overs at Swiss Inn Johor Bahru and Philea Resort & Spa, Malacca and a two-night stay in a ZenRooms hotel in either Phuket or Pattaya! Wooahhh…excited already?

Come join us and give your tastebuds a chance to journey the world’s cuisines!

Article Written By Team foodpanda


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