Juice Works Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Juice Works Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

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Quench your thirst with a healthy and refreshing drink at Juice Works! This franchise offers quality hand-crafting fruit juices, and healthy smoothies from that will put a smile on your face. Over the years, Juice Works has made a name for itself and opened up numerous branches in Malaysia. You can easily find them in Publika, Sunway Pyramid, KLCC, The Curve and even in 1 Utama. It’s everywhere! Juice Works delivery is also not available on foodpanda. So, it’s only fitting that foodpanda writes an article exploring some of the highly recommended drinks.

Tropical & Fruity Blends

One thing I love about Juice Works is their amazing fruit combinations. An undoubtedly favourite is the Lychee Paradise that mixes lychee, lemon, mango, apple juice and sorbet. This drink is the ultimate thirst-quencher! If you love pineapple and watermelon, you can try their Water Works which blends watermelon, pineapple, tropical juice and sorbet. Amazingly, this drink has only 34 calories! These drinks will give you that refreshing taste in every sip and also a boost in energy.

Power Meal Smoothies

Have a sudden pang of hunger during odd hours of the day? Instead of settling for that bag of chips, why not satisfy your appetite with a Power Meal Smoothie! This selection of drinks contains low calories and will give you that kick of energy you need. A fan favourite is the Strawberry Kiss that combines strawberries, low-fat mixed berries yoghurt and tropical juice. This delicious drink only has 70 calories and is high in vitamin C. Another drink worth highlighting is the Mango Passion. If you love mango and passion fruit, this drink is for you as it combines these fruits along with low-fat mango and passion fruit yoghurt and tropical juice. The drink is only 83 calories and will certainly wake you up if you’re low in energy.

Detox & Fibre Juices

If you’re in need to cleanse your body and soul (which we do!), Juice Works offers a wide selection of drinks that not have various health benefits but also refreshing taste with every sip. If you love mixed berries, you should try the Strawberry Dream that contains antioxidant properties from the strawberries, watermelon, banana and other mixed berries. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a low calory drink, Slimmer’s Paradise is the drink for you. The drink combines apple, celery, cucumber and guava to give you that sweet and healthy kick. A personal favourite of mine is the Immuno Kick that combines orange, apple and carrot. Flavourful and refreshing in one sip!

Juice Works Delivery

Craving for some drinks from Juice Works but too tired to leave the house? Use the foodpanda app! Just a few clicks and food will be right at your doorstep.

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