Best 5 Breakfast Spots for Early Risers in Kepong

Best 5 Breakfast Spots for Early Risers in Kepong

Early bird gets the worm, and this is so true in our context. Kuala Lumpur and Selangor are always crowded with tourists and locals, especially in famous restaurants. If we are late for breakfast, then chances are the food will be sold out. So, it is always better to wake up early, AND don’t forget to check out these 6 famous breakfast spots in Kepong!

1. Fat Yoong Restaurant

A no-frills restaurant that serves delicious Wantan Noodle, you can add more ingredients to your bowls such as Char Siew (Roast Pork), Siu Yok (Fried Pork Belly), Pork Ribs, Roast Duck and Chicken.

Soaked and served in thick and ‘lardy’ broth, the noodle texture is firm yet tangy, with a generous portion of the added ingredients – this bowl screams for attention for many.

2. Ah Yee Curry Mee

Known by many around Kepong area since years ago, Ah Yee Curry Mee is not uncommon to all. Despite its name, their signature Chee Cheong Fun is more famous than its curry noodle. The shop holds many other Chinese stalls as well such as Onn Kee roast duck, Hoong Kee wantan noodle, Hoo Yee Kee prawn mee and a few seafood restaurants.

Besides Chee Cheong Fun, here they serve other options too for the big eater, including Gei Si Hor Fun, Prawn Mee, Clear Noodle Soup and many more.

3. Norway Salmon Fish Head Noodle

As the name implies, they serve the best Norway Salmon Fish Head Noodle, though some might opt for their second-best dish which is the Salmon Fish Curry Noodle. For the meat lovers, there are some other options of fish paste, prawn and fish meat too if the fish head isn’t your thing.

Their fish head noodle broth is very milky and thick, with a distinctive hue of fragrant smell, which makes the broth extra creamy. The thick vermicelli added an extra boost to the taste and texture as one bite into it.

As for the curry noodle dish, you will still taste the milky fish head broth amidst the strong curry scent. It perfectly blends together, which gives it a much-needed kick. No wonder this seemingly basic spot is always very crowded during peak hours.

4. Foo Fee

A well-loved neighbourhood cafe, Foo Fee is a very chill spot for a meal. No need to dress up too nicely as it is very ‘kopitiam’ style despite the ambience is very restaurant-like. An exceptional place with a special menu that includes Vietnamese Egg, Steamed Bread, Toasts, Local Delights and Noodles – the food prices are extremely reasonable and affordable.

Do check out their Bursting Meat Ball Noodle Soup and Foo Fee Noodle Soup that consists of lettuce, sliced ham, anchovies and egg. These are some of the dishes that should not be missed!

5. Penang Corner

A hidden gem in Kepong, Penang Corner sells authentic Penang hawker delicacies, though the cooking method and tastes are more to Penang mainland style. Do not be sceptical as the operators mostly come from Penang itself.

Ranging from Penang style prawn noodle, Authentic White Penang Curry Mee to Ice Kachang, here you can find almost every popular Penang hawker food.

Breakfast Spots in Kepong

If you are a morning person, these breakfast spots in Kepong are definitely worth your trip, most of them are still available up till afternoon, so for people who are looking to have brunch, you may try these places too.

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