KFC Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

KFC Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Kentucky Fried Chicken will always have a special place in our hearts. With plenty of choices for all ages, this fast food outlet does not disappoint. KFC mainly serves fried chicken and burgers. Not to worry, they even have wraps and rice meals too. 

The secret recipe that contains 11 herbs is one that is delicious and irreplaceable in our minds. Aside from the assortment of mains, they also have other items on their menu such as mashed potatoes, coleslaw, potato wedges and ice cream. 

We know that you’re used to going into the establishment itself to enjoy a tasty meal. Now, they even have delivery on the foodpanda app that will guarantee satisfaction when it’s delivered right to your home or office.

KFC’s Top Choices

Snack plate is one of KFC’s top choice, the essential chicken meal where you can choose between the flavours, hot and spicy or original, set with mash potatoes, coleslaw and a drink. If the snack plate isn’t enough for you, you can opt for the dinner plate. This set comes with one more chicken than the snack plate. 

If you’re not a fan of chicken, try the delicious snacks such as potato wedges. The crispy and soft wedges covered in cheesy sauce is very tempting. 

KFC is also popular for their seasonal meal and menu items. From salted egg sauce to Thai spicy crunch, you’ll regret it if you miss it! 

Bundle Set

Enjoy KFC with your loved ones and order enough to share with KFC bucket or combo meals. No-fuss and no trouble! 

  • Chicken Combo

Choose your fried chicken flavour and you’re set. The combo comes with a bottle of 1.5 Pepsi with two large bowls of coleslaw and mashed potatoes enough for everyone.

  • Mega Variety Box

The mega variety box includes chickens, nuggets, whipped potatoes and potato wedges that are perfect for 4-6 pax.

Spending a few ringgits on this fabulous meal is definitely worth it. Happiness comes from even the smallest things shared.

Scroll the foodpanda app together and choose your favourite meal!

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Evans Hu is a foody at heart. He is always on the look out to explore best places to dine in Klang Valley. When he’s free, he often goes on a “culinary trip” out of Klang Valley with his friends and family.

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