Kungfu Ramen Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Kungfu Ramen Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

You can now enjoy Kungfu Ramen in the comfort of your home with foodpanda delivering your favourite dishes right at your doorstep! Enjoy Kungfu Ramen Delivery in Kuala Lumpur, now.

Kungfu Ramen is a Chinese-Muslim eatery that specializes in Lanzhou Beef Noodles. It is known to be a popular dish that originates from Lanzhou in China. You can also opt for chicken or lamb if you do not fancy beef.

1. Braised Beef Noodle with Beef

Expect an orange curry noodle that is soothing. The hand-pulled noodles, springy and firm which you will love are specially made by the at this restaurant. They serve chillies separately, so feel free to add according to your preferences. Anyway, you will already have an eye on this heavy and flavourful dish as the sifu makes it. So, enjoy!

2. Fried Hand-pulled Noodle with Beef

You will be ready to chow down this dish for the colourful ingredients which are captivating. This meal has nothing odd or different than the regular dish, but when you have your first bite, you will continue to eat without any pauses. It comes with a thick tomato gravy that adds an acidity element making this dish taste so good! To add more kick into the taste, add some chillies for a mandatory spice element some need, and you are sure to enjoy the dish.

3. More Ramen Noodles Dishes

Most of the patrons who come here prefer the braised beef noodle with beef compared to Fried Hand-pulled Noodle with beef. On top of that, the hospitality and services that are given is satisfying and they never forget to emphasise enough on making their customers happy. 

They offer Run Yuan Coconut Steamboat, a steamboat place that uses coconut water in the broth. As interesting as it seem, you must try out and explore more unique variety of food. 

To know what more to order at Kungfu Ramen (delivery in Kuala Lumpur), check out the foodpanda app and start exploring their other best noodle dishes. Enjoy their food right at home while you Netflix or relax during the weekend. Take note that this place is halal, so if you want to get your Muslim friends to try their food, it’s undoubtedly a green light!

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