Little Fat Duck Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Little Fat Duck Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Little Fat Duck delivery is now available on the foodpanda app! Not sure what to pick? We have prepared a list of what to expect.

Little Fat Duck serves affordable Italian and French cuisines that are worth every penny spent. Starting at Subang Jaya, now they have expanded their outlets to 6 places in Klang Valley alone. So, if you happen to crave for any Italian or French cuisine, you know where to get yourself a delicious and affordable one. Another plus about this eatery is that they are halal. So, everyone in Malaysia is welcomed to try their food!

1. Chicken Confit

Chicken Confit is one of the must-have dishes here where you will be served a whole chicken thigh with a drumstick that is marinated for 12 hours and cured for 24 hours before frying and serving them on a bed of mashed potatoes. To complete this dish, a generous amount of brown sauce is added, and you will surely fall in love! It is the favourite among the regulars. So, if you are here for the first time, we suggest you try this dish first.

2. Spaghetti Bolognaise

If you are on a spaghetti hunt, include this dish as well. Their famous Spaghetti Bolognaise is a rich meaty tomato, based with a sauce made entirely from scratch, seasoned with Italian herbs, lots of juicy tomatoes, fresh veggies and meat that will get you drooling. You can choose Carbonara too, and the creamy taste of the dish is to die for.

3. Try their other hot menus

You could try their unique dishes if you are looking for something new. Their Bechamel and Mornay are good too when it comes to pasta. Let’s say you want something out of the box. You could check out their menu to get the entire list of what they serve best. They too serve pudding as a finishing to your meal. So, you have quite a several choices to choose from.

Little Fat Duck Delivery 

Hence, get your hands on Little Fat Duck and see what you feel about it. Also, if you are lazy to head out to get your favourite meal, you can order them via foodpanda app and get them delivered right to your doorstep.  

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