7 Food Spots to Try in Mahkota Cheras for Lunch

7 Food Spots to Try in Mahkota Cheras for Lunch

If you have not been to these areas before, you are missing out the great and wonderful food spots in Malaysia! Check out these 7 heavenly food spots for lunch in Mahkota Cheras.

#1 10 Gram

This floral-concept cafe is popular among the young generations. Providing a combination of both local and Western cuisines, 10 Gram offers hearty lunch meals as well as breakfast menu too.

Featuring a unique way of serving dishes, no wonder 10 Gram has gained popularity among people in that area. Their menu includes pasta, rice with Rendang Chicken, Nasi Lemak, Chicken Chop, Fish and Chips and many more.

Check out their menu before heading over, so you have a good glance at what they offer. 

#2 Elixir Kitchen

This cosy and comfortable cafe offers a wide variety of lunch meals for everyone. Best of all, for wine lovers, you may get a good glass of wine of your choice to pair with your main course too.

In Elixir Kitchen, they are self-conscious of their customer service. Hence, it is rated as the best service cafe by the locals. This meat-lover place offers the most scrumptious meat choices such as chicken, lamb and steak! You will definitely love it here!

#3 Good Taste Restaurant

This air-conditioned coffee shop is the favourite place to dine in among the locals. They offer plenty of local food choices such as roasted chicken, roasted pork, Wan Tan Mee, Curry Mee, Hong Kong-style menu choices and many more.

If you ever planned to visit this area, do check out their menu on foodpanda and head straight over there!

#4 Cravings Kitchen & Bistro

This diverse cafe is located at a really homey and cosy location in Mahkota Cheras. Serving pork-free menu, their breakfast and lunch food choices are still as good as other non-halal restaurants. Here, they serve a wide range of Western and local food menu such as salads, burgers, sandwiches, rice and noodles, pasta and many more!

Surrounded by a quiet environment, you can even bring your work here while sipping a cup of coffee!

#5 Two Chefs Lab

Providing a mixture of pasta and healthy Japanese food, their Pokebowl is to die for. Serving all types of Pokebowl, you can find Tamago Mentai, spicy raw salmon, smoked duck, vegetarian, Japanese crab stick and others here.

If you are feeling lazy, you may even opt for food delivery to your doorsteps!

#6 Uncle Jang

I am pretty sure everyone knows Uncle Jang by now. It has been so many years since its first opening in Malaysia. So what makes Uncle Jang so famous? Originated from South Korea, Uncle Jang serves a beautiful and big portion of Korean dishes such as Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Korean spicy rice cakes, spicy octopus and many more.

Best of all, it is incredibly delicious and tasty! Do check them out as they have multiple restaurants all over Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

#7 Madam Hooi Kitchen Tomyam

Here, this restaurant serves the best Tomyam noodles, along with other side dishes for everyone. If you are here for breakfast, you may try out their toast and eggs as they have numerous choices just for this.

As for lunch plan, they offer claypot version of Tomyam noodles so you can always get a bowl of hot food! If you are not a spicy food lover, you may opt for other noodles choices as well! Check out their menu here.

Food Spots in Mahkota Cheras for Lunch

There you have it, seven food spots to try in Mahkota Cheras for a scrumptious lunch. If you find this list useful, do check out foodpanda magazine for more food-related articles. 

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