National Bagel Day

National Bagel Day

Bread has been a staple dish in most Western countries. With bread, one can use it to create multiple culinary arts. This includes sandwiches, croissants and, above all, the bagel.

Bagels are a unique type of bread dish I have ever eaten. Similar to sandwiches, the bagel has that aromatic scent that leaves me wanting more! Topped with various toppings and fillings such as smoked salmon or egg Benedict, it is the perfect definition of a hearty breakfast.

For all, you bagel lovers out there, do you know that there is such day called National Bagel Day? Falling on the 15th of January every year, National Bagel Day pays homage to the aromatic bread dish.


The History of The Bagel

First discovered and invented in the 14th century, bagels originated from Poland. It was used as gifts for women who had just given birth to a child in Krakow, Poland. In the 19th century, most European immigrants brought this bread dish along with them to the United States.

Even so, it was not popular among Americans. It was mostly sold in Jewish markets. Slowly, from around 1970 to 1980, bagels were seen in American markets and, by the 1990s, the bagel became a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States.

However, there was no record of who first started or invented National Bagel Day. All we know is that whoever invented it was a genius!

Fun Facts About Bagels!

Bagels are always eaten as breakfast or brunch; it is hardly a lunch or dinner course as it is not fulfilling enough to be the main course.

However, did you know that bagels are always round, you will never find a bagel with other shapes? Besides that, bagels are usually boiled before they are baked. This is to ensure the crispiness of the bagel skin on the outer layer.

Furthermore, the most popular flavour for a bagel is plain. Most people would prefer it without any toppings or fillings, while the second famous flavour for a bagel is sesame. Personally, sesame bagels are my favourite as it gives out a more fragrant scent to the bread.

Bagel Toppings & Fillings

Bagels come in various flavours and fillings. The most common ones are with cream cheese. But there are also several other types of toppings for bagels, and sometimes people can get creative with it.

The flavours and toppings for bagels include peanut butter and jelly, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, avocado, nuts and granola, pecan pie and many more!

You can eat a bagel with any topping you like as it is versatile. There’s never a wrong answer, and you can make it any way you’d like!

Where Can You Find Bagels?

Luckily, bagels are easy to find in Malaysia. Almost all bakeries will have it. Some cafes in Malaysia specialise in selling bagels, so you can go to any cafes or bakeries to fix your bagel’s cravings!

Here some a list of places you can go to get some delicious bagels:

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