National Croissant Day

National Croissant Day

Croissant is my favourite type of bread. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Croissant, the buttery and crescent-shaped bread is considered as a worldly treat. We can find croissant anywhere we go no matter which country it is. The main point of the croissant is the duplication of the roll. This process is called as the laminating the dough. By doing this, you can get the perfect croissant shape, and it results in the mouth-watering flaky and airy texture of the bread. Croissant is often eaten as breakfast; you may choose to eat it on its own or with some toppings or fillings inside. Nowadays, there are various types of croissant available in the market. So if you love croissant, good news for you. Every year on the 30th of January, it is named as the National Croissant Day! So you may fix your cravings on this day in particular.

The History Of Croissant

Most of us might assume that croissant is a type of French pastry, but t first appearance of the croissant was actually in Austria. It was first discovered in Vienna, Austria in the 13th century. This special dish began its history during the war in 1683 when Turks invaded the country by attempting to siege the city by tunnelling underneath the walls of Vienna. However, the movement was heard by the bakers at night and they informed the city’s defenders.

Eventually, the King managed to arrive on time and defeated the troops. Therefore, the croissant was made as a celebratory dish in the shape of a crescent moon, which represents the Turks’ flag. Slowly, the pastry was introduced in France, and soon enough, croissant became a hit and popular dish in the European countries.

The Toppings And Fillings Of Croissant

Croissant can be eaten plain on its own. However, since the first introduction of croissant, it has evolved into various types.

The most typical croissant is in butter flavour, and it is the most common type of croissant. Pain Au Chocolat is a type of croissant with tiny bars of chocolates rolled in between the croissant folds. This is popular as it has a sweet scent from the chocolate bars. Besides, almond croissants are famous as well as the almonds enhance the buttery flavour of the bread. Sometimes, raisins may be added into croissants to make it sweeter.

So which types of croissant would you choose? Personally, I prefer the typical plain croissant. Sometimes, less is more, so plain croissant is more than enough to bring a smile on my face before I start my day!

Where To Find Croissants?

Croissants are extremely common and popular. Therefore it is really easy to find them. You may get them in any bakery shops in your local community. There are a few bakeries in the malls as well so you may go have some croissants while go shopping.

Other than that, you may try to do it on your own. There are video tutorials and recipes on the Internet that teach you how to make your croissant.

Here are some croissant recommendation places:

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Lastly, Happy National Croissant Day!

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