National Milk Day

National Milk Day

Milk is the main source of protein for many people, especially babies and young kids. Even now as I grow into an adult, I still drink milk everyday for my breakfast.Milk is really healthy as it is known for its high calcium and protein nutritional value. It is proven that milk can build up our bones and teeth to make them stronger and more durable to external force.

Do you know that there is a day to commemorate milk in the history? That is right! There is in fact, a day that is named the National Milk Day and it falls on 26th November annually.By now you may be wondering, why is there such a day just for milk?

The History Of National Milk Day

So what makes milk so significant? As we all know, or in case you have not yet known, India is the largest producer of milk, regardless if it is cow’s milk or goat’s milk. On this special day, it highlights the importance of milk in everyone’s daily lives, including the animals.

National Milk Day started when the National Diary Development Board, the Indian Diary Association and other twenty two federations decided to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Verghese Kurien.

This significant man was also known as the father of India’s White Revolution. His birthday falls on 26th November, therefore, the National Milk Day was created and established.Since milk is extremely important and it is part of their staple dish in India, this day is a huge celebration for the community.

The Usage Of Milk

Milk is used in various forms in our daily lives. It can be used as baking ingredient, cooking, health and well-being and many more!

Other than drinking, you can use milk as a facial mask. Just mix some honey and olive oil with milk, and mix them thoroughly, you have a perfect moisturising facial mask every week.

Some people might use milk to treat sunburn. This is actually a great life hack, especially if you do not have aloe vera with you. You may dip some cotton pads or cotton balls in a bowl of cold milk, it will ease and soothe your sunburn symptoms right away.

If you have a bath tub at home, or you are traveling elsewhere with a bath tub in your hotel room, you may want to make full use of that. Adding milk in your bath tub water and soak in this mixture can really give you a radiant and smooth skin.

There are so many more benefits and life hacks of milk including for your kitchen and households! So do not underestimate the usage of milk.

Milk As Food & Desserts

Milk is one of the cooking and baking ingredients for most dishes and desserts. You can use it to bake cookies, cakes, ice creams and many more!

Other than desserts, you can use milk to cook main course as well. A few examples of main course with milk are slow-cooked chicken and potato in milk, roasted creamy cauliflower, Spagetti Carbonara, Alfredo pasta and many more!

Where To Find Milk Desserts & Food?

Since milk is so common everywhere, it is not difficult to find dishes and desserts made in milk in Malaysia. Here are some cafe list that serves you amazing milk and its creation:

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