National Pistachio Day

National Pistachio Day

Pistachio is also known as the ‘happy nuts’ in China, and in Middle Eastern countries, it is known as ‘smiling nuts’. Even though it is covered in its own small hard shell, it is packed with nutritious value. Do you know that every year on the 26th February, it is also known as the National Pistachio Day? Interesting, isn’t it? On this special day, you may eat as much Pistachio as you want. But let us learn some facts about this snack too.

Pistachio is the native food in the Middle East and it grows on trees. Most of the Middle Eastern cuisine will include this nut in their meals. If you noticed it, Pistachio can get quite pricey, especially in Malaysia. This is because Pistachio trees take a really long time to mature. It takes around seven to ten years for it to be completely ripe and mature.

The harvest method of Pistachio is rather amusing and entertaining. Even though it takes so long for the tree and nuts to be matured, it takes only less than a minute to harvest them. All you need to do is just to shake the tree violently and the nuts will fall off immediately.

The Origins Of Pistachio

Pistachio trees were commonly found in Asia and Middle East. The history of Pistachio dated as far back as early 7000 B.C. in Turkey. During that time, this nut was used in various dishes. Pistachio was first introduced by Italy to Syria. Slowly, it spread across the Mediterranean countries and people. In 1854, the tree was introduced in America by a man named Charles Mason.

Pistachio trees are often planted under the sun. Pistachios trees are able to withstand extreme heat and drought seasons. Therefore, these trees are suitable to be planted in most countries with a hot climate.

The Nutrition Facts About Pistachios

Pistachios are high nutritional as we all know. It is a great source of proteins and other essential minerals needed in our bodies. Pistachios are high in antioxidant properties. Therefore, it is useful in reducing our risk of getting cancer. In fact, Pistachios have higher antioxidant than most nuts and seeds.

Besides, it is low in calories but high in proteins. This may be good news for bodybuilders and those who are on low-carb diets. In this case, Pistachios can aid in weight loss. Other than that, Pistachios can help to reduce the risk of getting a stroke as it helps to lower our cholesterol and blood pressure. Thus, it may help to lower the risk of heart diseases as well.

Where To Find Pistachios?

Pistachios are generally easy to find. It is often packed in small packagings and it is sold across Malaysia. We can find it in any department stores as well as convenience stores. This includes 7-11,  Happy Mart, Tesco, Giant, KK Mart and many more.

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Lastly, Happy National Pistachio Day!

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