National Popcorn Day

National Popcorn Day

Popcorn is the popular and must-have snack to crunch while watching movies in the cinema. All of us have eaten popcorn before, and we all love it, even though it makes us thirsty afterwards. Since I was a kid, popcorns were always my go-to snack when I wanted something sweet. Popcorn is a type of corn kernels which explodes into fluffy masses when exposed to heat or when microwaved. I used to love watching and hearing them pop in my microwave over and over! If you love popcorns as much as I do, you ought to know an interesting fact: 19th January every year is the National Popcorn Day! This is a special day and a perfect excuse to eat as much popcorn as you like.

The History Of Popcorns

It is not confirmed when popcorn was discovered. However, it was believed that when some settlers came to the New World from the Old Country, they found cornfields and this type of crop.

Since then, popcorns began and soon enough, became a global favourite as of today. Popcorn is used for many occasions, and now it even has its national day. This is truly something wonderful, and we all can agree that popcorn deserves its own day!

The Health Benefits 

Even though popcorns are known to be sweet and starchy, it is actually beneficial for our health. Let us start with plain popcorns without flavours and toppings, since it is made of corn or maze, it has a lot of fibre, and it is the only snack that is 100% whole grains. This is really useful for people who want to lose some weight as whole grains are healthy for us, and it keeps us in shape. Furthermore, it has antioxidant properties.

In addition, popcorns can help to prevent cancer and heart diseases due to its antioxidant components. It can also reduce our blood pressure as well as cholesterol level. Other than that, eating popcorn regularly but not excessively can boost our eyesight and keep our blood sugar level in check.

All of these only applies to our good health if it is on its own (without toppings). Once you add the caramel on top, it may get really sweet. So calm down on the sweet toppings that you might add in your popcorns next time.

Where To Find Popcorns?

Other than stores in the mall, we can actually make our own popcorns. All we need is lots and lots of corn kernels in a bag or bowl. We can get this in supermarkets such as Giant, Jaya or Cold Storage.

Just get some of those and heat them up in the microwave, drizzle some honey or chocolate drizzle on top and we have our own childhood snack anytime we want.

Other than that, you may find popcorns in various stores such as:

You can read more interesting facts about popcorn here.

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