Pacific Rim Flavours

Pacific Rim Flavours

What are Pacific Rim flavours?

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Well, I can tell you that it’s definitely not in any way related to the movie. Think of Pacific Rim cooking as more of a mash of cuisine, as it combines a host of culinary influences from Asia cooking styles, Japanese and Filipino cuisine, to California freshness. The flavours of this technique of cooking put it into the “fusion” category.

Origins of Pacific Rim Flavours

chef Roy Yamaguchi

It all began in the 1970s, where fusion food was all the rage due to the clash of cuisines from cultures from Asian to the West Coast region. In Hawaii, where its location is located right at the centre, it was where chef Roy Yamaguchi, created the cooking method. He was the son of Japanese and American parents and was trained in the classical French cuisines at the Culinary Institute of America.

It wouldn’t be exactly accurate to say that he single-handedly created Pacific Rim flavours, but with his unique background and training, he was definitely the right person to be able to make the most out of the circumstances. With the fusion of French and Japanese cooking styles, it wasn’t long until he opened restaurants all over the world.

What are the main components of Pacific Rim flavours?

fresh fruits, seafood and spicy or tangy flavours

Pacific Rim chefs highlight the main ingredient, which is commonly a fresh or vibrant food, as the main focus of each dish. This includes fresh fruits, seafood and spicy or tangy flavours. Healthier cooking methods are also generally common in this cuisine, namely using less oil, stir-frying or steaming. The technique of using fresh ingredients and healthier cooking options are able to truly let the authentic taste of each ingredient stand out without adversely affecting our health.

Key ingredients to take note of in Pacific Rim foods are the presence of aromatic herbs and spices which are used to enhance and compliment the main flavours without overpowering them. For instance, cardamom, saffron, lemongrass and cumin are seasonings commonly found in Pacific Rim flavours.

essential spices and herbs

Foodies that are keen to try out their hand at Pacific Rim cooking will want to stock up on some essential spices and herbs such as five-spice powder, curry powder, garlic and herb seasoning and veggie pepper. The right cooking tools and accessories should also be considered crucial for the preparation of Pacific Rim cuisine.

Mortar and pestle, grinders, blenders, salad spinners and colanders are just a few of the helpful cooking tools that are convenient for any chefs at home that are passionate about experimenting with fusion flavours.

What makes it so special?

smoothie bowls

This trend of mixing up flavours and ingredients is constantly being experimented on by chefs as the thought of new products that they can come up with is unexpected and exciting. The popularity of smoothie bowls, poke bowls, and acai bowls among health enthusiasts remain strong as the bright colours and flavours are appetising while providing great nutritional value.

This trend of colourful and flavourful bowls doesn’t seem to be stopping soon. With the special taste of both berries and chocolate, acai berries continue to be a hit among consumers. This treat originates from Brazil, but now, we can find it in almost every health-centric restaurant and smoothie shops.

Spicy Cream Sauce Tteokbokki
Image Credit: MissHappyBelly

Poke bowls are gaining popularity amongst the youths as they are able to customise the ingredients in the dish according to their palate and taste. Both nutritious and uniquely tailored to each individual, it is of no wonder that diners can’t seem to get enough of the dish. Even some Korean restaurants have tried their hand on Pacific Rim cuisine as they have an alternate version for their famous street food, teokbokki (spicy rice cakes) to be prepared in carbonara cream sauce instead of the original spicy gochujang (Korean chilli paste).

fruit salads

Readers may also attempt at making their very own Pacific Rim dishes such as a fruit salad using mangoes, pineapples and kiwis but with the addition of yogurt and nuts.

I can definitely attest to the appeal of fusion food as they have both the taste of familiarity and yet something different that brings out new textures and depth to a dish. Savoury desserts are also a big hit among all walks of life as the ingenious combination of flavours and replacement of sugary foods with salty treats do make it seem like a guilt-free dessert!

Where to find Pacific Rim Flavours in Malaysia

Roti Jala with Curry Chicken

Readers may try out Nyonya Colours which combines Chinese and Malay cuisine due to its Baba Nyonya origins. Its signature Roti Jala with Curry Chicken and Nasi Kunyit with Curry Chicken never fails to amaze the taste buds of diners as the restaurant is always packed with loyal customers. The variety of kuih, which are dessert foods or bite-sized snacks, that are available in the restaurant offers diners many choices to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Eggplant Siciliana

Dante’s Italian Fusion Café in Kelana Jaya also delivers some interesting combination of flavours in their dishes. For instance, some dishes they have on their menu include, Soft Shell Crab Aglio Olio, Soft Shell Crab Buttermilk Pasta and Eggplant Siciliana that are sure to make you come back for more.

poke bowl

For the ever-popular, poke bowls, readers need not look so far as a wide array of restaurants in Malaysia serve them. Namely, Fitlicious in SS15, Poké Lab in Empire Shopping Gallery, La Juiceria, The FishBowl (with 6 outlets), Lushbowl (Sri Hartamas) and countless more. La Juiceria also serves smoothie bowls which can be eaten as a meal by itself or as a dessert. 

You can find the location of the previously mentioned restaurants by looking them up online. But for those that simply don’t have the time to patron the restaurants in person, foodpanda delivery service includes many restaurants that serve Pacific Rim cooking.

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