Panda Peeks – CaliBurger

Panda Peeks – CaliBurger

Gnarly waves; beaches; surfing; Hollywood; the Golden Gates Bridge – all thing synonymous with Californian living, and since 2012, burgers have been added to this quintessential list.

When I found out I was going to be visiting CaliBurger to carry out my 1st piece of “primary research” for foodpanda’s Panda Peeks review, my eyes lit up so bright, they could be seen from California! In preparation for embarking on my adventure to this gastronomic paradise, I strategically woke up extra early to go for a quick run.

CaliBurger’s current Malaysian restaurants are both in the KL territory, one in Avenue K and the other in Sunway Pyramid, however they are planning to expand in the coming years. CaliBurger prides itself on not only serving delicious, juicy burgers, but being one of Malaysia’s freshest and most customer orientated quick-service restaurants.

Unlike other typical fast food restaurants, the ingredients are prepared every morning, like their handmade beef patties and fresh burger buns, and are cooked to order. So when they say the Spicy Chicken Burger will be 12 minutes, I can guarantee, it is well worth the wait! This process endorses the “quick service” concept, however and delivers your order with meticulous care, like they prefer to say, “Always fresh.” And oh, if you’re a Minecraft fan, they have a very large TV, and your food purchase allows you to enter the live game!

CaliBurger Restaurant | foodpanda MagazineA small sample of the CaliBurger menu

Upon entering the gates of paradise, I was faced with 4 burgers, 2 sides and 3 milkshakes. So where to start? Of course it has to be their most popular and very own ‘CaliBurger’. You can’t go wrong with the traditional; 100% beef patty, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cheese sandwiched between a freshly baked bun.

When you have got yourself nice and comfy, with your napkin tucked into your top and your elbows wide apart (you know the look), you can finally take your first bite…and your taste buds will be awoken with their spicy, tangy signature sauce. And before you ask, they wouldn’t give away their secret recipe. For those with small children, or a small appetite you can also indulge on their miniature signature burger.

CaliBurger Menu | foodpanda MagazineA Burger like no other

Next up was my personal favourite, the Mushroom Swiss Burger. Here we have deliciously creamy Swiss cheese melted over BBQ mushrooms, sautéed onions and the signature patty, perfectly sitting in the burger sleeve (my mouth is salivating thinking back to that moment).

As previously stated, the eagerly anticipated Spicy Chicken Burger took around 12 minutes to cook in the “77 degree” fryer. This process allows for the fresh succulent, tender chicken to be encased within the crispy coating, and believe me when I say, they don’t shy away with the generous portions. Instead of the secret signature sauce being applied, a smooth refreshing avocado mayo complements this burger, enhancing its flavour profile.

CaliBurger Fries | foodpanda MagazineWild Fries, they can’t be tamed!

More you ask? I must also add that every combo is accompanied with a side of their hand-cut fries and a refillable drink, however if you want go all out, or even share a couple of sides, then I would recommend the Wild Fries and CaliRice, to accommodate the rice loving nation of Malaysia. Both are served with sautéed onions, and lava-like melted cheese topped with the special house sauce.

It must be reiterated that you can not have a burger and fries without a milkshake and at Caliburger, they’re certainly not short on options, with 7 flavours to choose from. How could I refuse, trying 3 different milkshake flavours: bubble gum; butterscotch; and chocolate. What’s great about CaliBurger is that they don’t blend their shakes with ice: my personal favourite being the deliciously dense, ‘chocolaty’ chocolate shake.

CaliRice Bowl | foodpanda MagazineCaliRice, magic in a bowl

So thank you for reading, and I hope I’ve stimulated your taste buds enough that your now at the ready to go out and experience this friendly and family orientated restaurant. Finally, a quick tip: watch out for the great range of daily promotions!

CaliBurger Restaurant

Address: CaliBurger Sunway Pyramid, F1.55, First Floor, Orange Atrium, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Other Outlets: Caliburger Avenue K, L1-18, Level 1, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Mo – Su, 10.00am – 10.00pm
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