Panda Peeks – Canton-i

Panda Peeks – Canton-i

Known for its delicate, refined tastes and seasonings, Cantonese cuisine seems to be a popular choice in the Chinese food scene. Part of the Dragon-i group, Canton-i offers quintessential Cantonese food in a modern, contemporary setting, making the most out of traditional flavours with a contemporary twist.

From popular dim sum dishes to fried noodles and rice, Canton-i has it all. We were met and graciously hosted by Stephy and her team from marketing upon arrival. Amidst the lovely, classy decor, and the dishes presented before us, my team and I couldn’t wait to dig into Canton-i’s signature dishes!

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First up is Canton-i’s Signature Wonton Noodles served with jumbo prawn wontons. The attention to detail with this dish is incredible: the handmade springy noodles used are freshly flown in every week from Hong Kong, and even the delicious broth is flavored with pork bones and simmered for 8 hours. My oh my! The prawn wontons served are also filled with fresh, crunchy prawns and quite literally burst with flavour with every bite. I can definitely see why this is one of their signature dishes!

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Next up came the Fish Paste and Shredded Pork Congee. Made in the typical Cantonese style, this smooth rice porridge is flavored with pieces of fish paste and meat, and makes for a nice combination of a Cantonese take on “surf and turf”. Topped with scallions and ginger slices, this dish is fresh and flavourful at the same time. We liked ours with a little extra dash of sesame oil for that added nutty fragrance!

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Quintessentially Cantonese, this dish consists of roasted chicken, crispy roasted pork and Chinese style BBQ pork. The colours were enough to get our mouths watering! Let’s start with the chicken: the meat was perfectly cooked and succulent, not dry even on the white meat portions. The skin was a lovely golden colour as well, and was seasoned and roasted to perfection. The crispy roasted pork is as yummy as it looks! Seasoned well and juicy on the bottom, followed by a crisp, expertly done crackling on the top. The BBQ style pork is served with a lovely dark, sweet glaze that complements the flavourful pork really well. The Malaysian in me enjoys each of the three with the chili sauce served on the side. Delightful!

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How adorable are these lilac coloured bubbles? The swirl pattern on the top is enough to hypnotize us to keep us coming back for more (and we haven’t even gotten to the taste part yet)! These yam flavored (hence the purple colour), fluffy little buns are filled with an absolutely decadent, sweet and salty runny filling made with salted yolk. Take one bite and watch as the liquid gold trickles down the side of the bun, oozing out with such ease that this might be a messy dish to eat for some, but know that it is well worth the hassle! This was a big hit with my team and I, and you can bet your last dollar we’ll be back for these babies.

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Ending our meal on a sweet note, we sank our teeth into Canton-i’s Signature Egg Tarts. These famous pastries come in a rich buttery pastry filled with a rich egg custard and baked to perfection. The tarts have a lovely sweet flavour that’s very distinctive as well. No wonder this is a hit with customers!

Canton-i has dished out some pretty great dishes that hit the spot just right with Cantonese comfort food. They’ve managed to find a balance between light and flavourful dishes which appeals to urbanites and whole families alike. We’re sure to come back for more!


Address: Canton-i Sunway Pyramid, G1.42, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Opening hours: Mo – Su, 10.00am – 10.00pm
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