The Perfect Match: A Rosy Look at Sirap Bandung

The Perfect Match: A Rosy Look at Sirap Bandung

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” and sweet indeed is Sirap Bandung! A popular drink in Malaysia that’s especially loved by the Malay community, Sirap Bandung is basically milk flavored with rose syrup. Depending on where you get this drink from, stores and sellers will use evaporated milk, condensed milk, fresh milk or any combination of the three to create this drink, making each time you drink it that little bit more unique.

This pretty pink-hued beverage, while made of an unlikely combination to some, is a surprisingly delightful mix. Sweet, creamy and flavored delicately with roses, this drink is normally served over ice, and is great for cooling off on a hot day. Join us as we hunt down yummy tasting foods that would go well with this drink!

1 Kluang Station

We started our journey with Kluang station, a franchise which serves up yummy local dishes that are influenced by Malay style cooking.

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Pair it with: Nasi Lemak with Whole Leg Fried Chicken

The sweet, creamy flavours of Sirap Bandung work nicely against the hearty, spicy flavours of Nasi Lemak (not to mention the mixture of textures from the crispy yet succulent fried chicken, and the crunchy peanuts with fried anchovies too!). The milk in the beverage really helps to soothe the palate after a spicy bite, and is a delight to enjoy after a flavourful meal.

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Pair it with: Curry Puffs

Curry puffs have a flaky texture on the outside, and a soft, lightly spicy curry filling in the middle. The Sirap Bandung is great for washing it down and smooths out the taste in your mouth, leaving you going back for second, third and fourth bites!

2 Cafe Peranakan Place

Cafe Peranakan Place serves up flavourful and authentic Peranakan or Nyonya food with Malay and Chinese influences.

Pair it with: Mee Siam

Sirap Bandung seems to be a hit with spicy food! This Nyonya style noodle dish has Thai influences thrown in as well, and it reflects in the slightly sour, spicy flavours. Sweet and creamy, the Sirap Bandung mellows out the heat in the mouth, and finishes off on a sweet note.

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Pair it with: Sago Gula Melaka

Bouncy, rich and delectably sweet, this dessert comprises of sago pearls drizzled with a generous helping of fresh coconut milk and melted coconut palm sugar. In combination with the Sirap Bandung, this might be a little much for some due to the sweetness of both items.

However if you ask for the drink to be made with less sugar, the flavours of the Sago Gula Melaka and Sirap Bandung is lovely together. The richness of the coconut palm sugar and coconut milk works great with the rose flavour, and everyone enjoys a bit of bounce in their mouth!

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