Popular Chinese New Year (CNY) Cookies

Popular Chinese New Year (CNY) Cookies

Chinese New Year is always filled with joy and laughter in my family. We would visit all my friends and family members in their respective houses, and there would be fun and games for that whole week. Not forgetting the best part, eating CNY cookies and snacks!

Since I was a child, I have always loved the snacks and cookies during this festive season. Even though my mother would forbid me to overeat, our kitchen table would still be filled with all sorts of Chinese New Year cookies and snacks.

The Popular Types Of Chinese New Year Cookies & Snacks

  • White Rabbit Candy

If you can remember from your childhood, this special candy is a must for all children during Chinese New Year. The fun part was playing and discovering that the inner wrapper of the sweet is edible!

  • Wang Lao Ji / Wang Lo Kat

This refreshing drink is my go-to drink during this festive season. After gorging myself on food and snacks, this drink helps me to reduce the ‘heatiness’ in my body and cool down.

  • Pineapple Tarts

Due to the auspicious-sounding words “ong lai,” which means pineapple but sound similar to the words for “good luck and fortune to come”, this snack is sure to be present in all Chinese households. This treat is sweet and bite-sized which is perfect for snacking with catching up with your loved ones.

  • Nian Gao

This delicious Chinese glutinous rice cake is vital for this special occasion. It is a symbolism of prosperity and good fortune for the year. Therefore, it is always eaten during Chinese New Year.

  • Kuih Bangkit

This white and tasty snack is addictive. During Chinese New Year, my mum will add this into her shopping list as we all love this snack very much. Made of tapioca flour and coconut milk, this chalky snack is ubiquitous in Chinese New Year markets.

  • Love Letter or Kuih Kapit

Originated from European culture, Kuih Kapit is another famous Chinese New Year snack in our community. This snack is usually home-made and requires a special tool to make the intricate patterns on each love letter.

  • Peanut Cookies

In Chinese culture and tradition, peanut symbolises longevity. Thus, Peanut Cookies are essential during this festive season. This common and delicious Chinese New Year cookie is easy to make and can be found in any Morning market or supermarkets.

  • Kuih Bahulu

This fluffy snack is actually famous among the Malay community too. However, since it is often shaped in fish shape, Chinese uses this as part of the Chinese New Year snack as well. Fish is a symbol of abundance, hence, Kuih Bahulu can be seen during Chinese New Year as well.

  • Bak Kwa

Dried pork pieces are common as gifts during the Lunar New Year. It is a delicacy originating from Fujian, China, and has been around in Malaysia for many decades. Bak Kwa is often made of pork and occasionally chicken meat. The meat pieces are smoked or grilled, creating a smoky, rich flavour. Hence, this is loved by everyone.

  • Honeycomb Biscuits 

This pastry is a famous one as it’s honeycomb shape is attractive and the sweet flavour is subtle but tasty. Similar to Kuih Kapit, it is often home-made and are commonly found sold in the morning or night markets and even some hypermarkets. In Chinese culture, this dish represents the harmony in the family.

  • Ngaku Chips / Arrowheads Cookie 

This crispy snack is most loved among young children. It is extremely addicting and delicious to munch as a snack. It is savoury and some of them are coated with sugar. Thus, it gives out a hint of sweetness amidst the savoury taste. Plenty of fresh arrowhead will be sold at hypermarkets as many families fry the chips themselves.

  • Mini Spring Rolls 

This peckish snack is extremely addictive as well! It is often filled with chicken floss or prawn floss. This is also commonly found sold in night or morning markets as the Lunar New Year approaches.

  • Green Pea Sesame Cookies

Similar to Peanut Cookies, this green pea cookie is popular during Chinese New year as well. Made in green peas and sesame oil, this cookie is perfect for snack or gifts to friends and family members

  • Mandarin Oranges

This is the most important snack during Chinese New Year as it represents good fortune and riches. Usually, this is often given out as gifts during visitations. 

  • White Almond Cookies

This type of cookie is similar to Kuih Bangkit. For those who prefer something healthier than coconut milk, this is the perfect cookie for you! It has similar chalky texture as well, and it is very delicious.

  • Box Drinks

After consuming so many deep-fried and heaty cookies, box drinks would be refreshing and nice for the throat. The typical box drinks we have during Chinese New Year are chrysanthemum, winter melon and fizzy drinks.

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