9 Popular Kuih Raya or Cookies You Can Bake to Celebrate

9 Popular Kuih Raya or Cookies You Can Bake to Celebrate

We know Hari Raya is around the corner and you have many things to prepare. Why not start from the amazing, finger-licking cookies that you and children will never get enough of? These popular kuih raya or cookies can never just appear in your house.

You are only gifted to see them once a year, and the best part of them is that you preparing the ingredients and making all of them from scratch. Here are the 9 popular kuih raya or cookies you can bake to celebrate Hari Raya with your family!

  • Nestum cookies

Nestum always tops the list of every year for most people sought after this kuih raya most of the time. There is a variation of this modern cookies, but the old school is the best one. Popiah nestum is to die for, and when you munch on one, you’d never stop munching on them.

Other cookies can come later, start off with this nestum cookies first. People who visit your open house would look forward to your nestum goodness.

  • Cheese tart

There is something related to cheese and Malaysians, they will never put an end to this bonding and obsession. So, it is no surprise if you make cheese tarts for your family and guests and watch how they try to sneak out more cheese tarts before leaving your open house. The cheese tarts are in fact relatively easy to make so fret not on the effort!

  • Honey cornflakes

A staple in every home is the honey cornflakes which children would enjoy. The crunch and sweet texture will get you and your family go crazy after it. You can never stop at one, nor can you stop anybody from taking just one.

On top of that, you will make few containers of this cookie for a packet of cornflakes can fill up more than one container, depending on the size. This cookie is a great investment for you this Raya.

  • Chocolate cornflakes

If you are bored of the regular honey cornflakes, you could opt for the chocolate cornflakes. It tastes even better, and chocolate lovers would enjoy munching on them while having their friends around for your open house. Don’t be surprised if you happen to become an addict to these cookies.

  • Makmur biscuit

Among all the modern cookies, you must have several traditional ones where the elder ones would crave for. This Makmur biscuit is one of them. Blended with nuts and milk, the taste is sure to bring the elders some nostalgia and expect good old time stories from them.

  • Semperit Susu

For generations, we have been emptying this one jar of kuih raya, and it is the semperit susu. This simplicity, silky and milky cookies will win your heart for sure. This cookie is undoubtedly the evergreen cookies that your grandparents and future generation would do without fail.

  • Mazola biscuit

This is another traditional kuih raya which is similar to the makmur biscuit that many love. The only difference is that this biscuit is more of a brown hue and has a nut placed on top of every biscuit. If you are a nut lover, this biscuit is a good treat for yourself.

  • Sarang Semut

If you have never heard of this kuih before, you have been missing out on one sweet goodness. Making this cookie is not difficult at all. It has a history behind naming this cookies sarang semut but not to worry about having ants in your biscuits.

  • Rolled pineapple tart

Who can ever miss out on this ever delicious and addictive pineapple tart? Children would go crazy over this biscuits so make sure to load the cookies jar often. The strong smell and balanced taste of the pineapple filling is what wins the hearts of many.  

And there you have it! The 9 popular kuih raya or cookies you can bake to celebrate Hari Raya with your family. Now you won’t have to crack your brain to think of what to bake!

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