Ramadhan Must-Eats – A Guide to Healthy and Balanced Meals

Ramadhan Must-Eats – A Guide to Healthy and Balanced Meals

Ramadhan in Malaysia is a wonderfully celebrated affair, with more than 60% of its citizens observing the fasting month. However, because of the hot climate, eating the wrong kind of food after a whole day of fasting can lead to dehydration, gastricitis and other ailments. Here are some must-eat foods during iftar and sahur to keep the body nourished and energised throughout the day.


Ramadhan Must-Eats | foodpanda Magazine
Fiber is a must-have in any diet, but more so for those who observe Ramadhan. Fiber keeps you away from constipation and stomach discomfort. Fiber tends to keep us full, so hunger pangs are kept at bay! You can find natural fiber in oats, nuts, bran and banana, so having some overnight fruity oats for sahur is a great idea. If rice is a must on the menu, be sure to reach for brown rice instead of normal white rice – fiber contents are way more in brown rice!


Ramadhan Must-Eats | foodpanda Magazine
Ahh, now comes the meat section. Proteins are naturally saturated in dairy products, fish, poultry and lean red meat, and are important for muscles and joints. It’s important to pair protein with some rice, pasta or bread, however, as protein alone is not enough to sustain the entire day. Pairing some white fish fillet or baked chicken thigh with some brown rice and vegetables makes for nicely balanced meal, without the heaviness and oiliness of deep-frying.

Complex Carbohydrates

Ramadhan Must-Eats | foodpanda Magazine
Complex carbohydrates give us the energy we need to carry out our activities through the sugars contained in them. Sugar gives you the extra boost (that’s why people say: keep kids away from sugar!) but it’s important to watch the kind of carbohydrates we consume during Ramadhan. Avoid white bread and white rice – look for whole wheat pasta, wholemeal bread or quinoa to pair with your choice of protein and vegetables. These are lighter and easier on the stomach!

Of course, apart from these, have fruits and vegetables with every meal and sip up some water from iftar to sahur (not too much though – it can bloat you up)! Happy Ramadhan and wishing all our Muslim readers a joyous fasting month!

*This article is inspired by Buzzfeed and thekitchn.com

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