Recipe: Korean Chicken Roll

Recipe: Korean Chicken Roll

Korean Chicken Roll, or Chicken Kimbap, is a seaweed rice roll filled with delicious fillings. Light, fresh and flavourful, these seaweed rolls serve as a healthy snack for students to bring to school, or working adults having them as lunch.

In Korea, Korean chicken roll is a popular on-the-go meal. It’s so simple to make, and you have the liberty to choose your delicious fillings. If you aren’t a fan of bell pepper, you can replace it with kimchi or even shredded omelette. The possibilities are endless!

Try the recipe down below and make some refreshing Korean Chicken Rolls. You can easily find the ingredients from your local supermarkets.

Ingredients (4 – 6 servings):

  • Chicken marinade:
    • 2 chicken breasts (cut into strips)
    • 2 garlic cloves
    • 1 tbsp soy sauce
    • 1 tbsp sesame oil
    • 1 tbsp grated ginger paste
  • Rice:
    • 1 cup of sushi rice
    • 2 tbsp sesame oil
  • Vegetables:
    • 1 large carrot (peeled and finely sliced)
    • 1 large cucumber (finely sliced)
    • 1 red bell pepper (sliced)
  • Rolls:
    • 4 nori (seaweed) sheets
    • 1 small bamboo sushi mat (optional)
  • Other ingredients:
    • Vegetable oil


  1. Start by placing all the chicken marinade ingredients in a bowl and mix well until the chicken strips are evenly coated. Set the marinade aside for at least an hour.
  2. Heat some vegetable oil in a pan on medium/high heat and grill the chicken until the strips are cooked through. Brush the leftover marinade over the chicken while cooking.
  3. Cook the rice in a rice cooker. Then, transfer the rice on a large bowl and drizzle some sesame oil over the cooked rice. Coat the rice evenly with the sesame oil and set aside.
  4. Arrange the vegetables on a large platter along with the chicken strips, rice and nori sheets.
  5. Place one nori sheet on the bamboo mat and spread about ¼ cup of rice on top. Then, place the fillings along the centre, starting with the chicken.
  6. Lift one end of the nori and fold over. Roll up the nori, applying pressure to the fillings to make sure they don’t fall out. Watch for any tears along with the nori sheet.
  7. Repeat with the rest of the nori and transfer them onto a cutting board. Cut each roll into sections about 3cm thick.
  8. Serve the rolls on a platter with some soy sauce for dipping. Enjoy!

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