Recipe: Nasi Dagang

Recipe: Nasi Dagang

Other than the famous national dish nasi lemak (coconut milk rice), Malaysia has a traditional dish on its own that is also sought after by many, which is the nasi dagang. You’ll be amazed by how easily you can follow the Recipe: Nasi Dagang without being a Terengganu or Kelantan local.

Origin of Nasi Dagang

Nasi Dagang means “trader’s rice” in Malay. It is a meal on its own which has rice and curry and is known to be the meal of the traders of old. Its origin remains a mystery but what’s undeniable is its ubiquity in this part of the world.

In Kelantan, people use beras dagang, a long-grain red rice, to make the coconut milk infused rice, which causes the rice to have attractive reddish-brown specks. In Terengganu, nasi dagang is a combination of fragrant white rice and white sticky rice. Thus, it is easy to differentiate the different nasi dagang: Terengganu’s is usually white, while Kelantan nasi dagang is speckled.

Although nasi dagang is generally known as traditional Malay food, as it evolves, there is Indian influence as the tuna curry served with the rice has a robust southern Indian curry character.

So, try out the Recipe: Nasi Dagang, and see for yourself how amazing it tastes without even going to Kelantan or Terengganu to try them.


  • Rice

    • Shallot paste               50 g
    • Ginger Paste               10 g
    • Fenugreek seed          15 g
    • Glutinous rice             500 g
    • Brown Rice                 500 g
    • Coconut Milk             150 ml
    • Chicken Stock            15 g
    • Salt                               5 g
    • Filtered Water           1.40 L
    • Corn Oil                      30 g
  • Fish

    • Mackerel/Tuna fish     800 g
    • Asam slice                      4 g
  • Curry Paste

    • Shallot paste                    60 g
    • Garlic(blend to paste)    20 g
    • Ginger Paste                     20 g
    • Chili boh                            20 g
    • Turmeric Powder             5 g
    • Fennel Powder                  2 g
    • Coriander Powder            2 g
    • Cumin Powder                  2 g
    • Chili Padi                           15 g
    • Fish Curry Powder          15 g
  • Serving

    • Coconut Milk           200 ml
    • Salt                             5 g
    • Chicken Stock          20 g
    • Lime Powder            10 g

Preparation Method:

  • Rice

    1. Blend shallot and ginger into a paste.
    2. Meanwhile, heat the corn oil.
    3. Next, saute shallot paste and ginger paste until fragrant.
    4. Then, add in fenugreek seed, coconut milk, chicken stock, water, salt and rice.
    5. Lastly, steam to cook.
  • Curry

    1. Boil the fish with asam slice to cook for 20 minutes.
    2. Then, combine all the blended paste ingredients with powder ingredients, in a pot.
    3. While then, add water and coconut milk in the pot. Bring to boil.
    4. Lastly, add cooked fish when boiling. 
    5. Ready to serve once the fish is cooked!

Your very own version of nasi dagang is ready to be served! If you’re craving for more authentic Malay food, find out more of the different types of Malay food, and order them from foodpanda to satisfy your craving!

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