Recipe: Potato Croquettes

Recipe: Potato Croquettes

Potato croquettes are amazing appetisers one usually buys at a food stall or restaurant. It’s simply an irresistible treat! Even ‘croquette’ in French means to ‘crunch. Imagine bacon and cheese filling, breadcrumbed and fried to golden brown perfection. 

You can even mix it up by adding other types of meat, mushrooms, boiled egg, vegetables, or even replace the meat entirely with some mashed potatoes. The possibilities are endless! The only rule to making croquettes is that they must be coated in the breadcrumbs and then fried.

You can pair the potato croquettes with some dipping sauce, such as chilli sauce, mayonnaise or sour cream. Although most restaurants offer them as appetisers, why not add your personal twist and make your version of crispy delights. Here’s what you’ll need:

Ingredients (about 30 pieces):

    • 1 kg potatoes (cut into cubes)
    • 8 tbsp unsalted butter
    • 3 tsp salt
    • ¼ tbsp pepper
    • 8 slices fried bacon (chopped)
    • 3 tbsp milk
    • 1 egg
    • 100g fresh parsley (chopped)
    • 200g cheddar cheese

For frying:

    • 250g all-purpose flour
    • 3 large eggs (beaten)
    • 1 cup breadcrumbs
    • Cooking oil


  1. First, prepare a pot filled with cold water that enough to fully cover the potatoes. Put in the potatoes along with a 1 tsp of salt and bring to a boil under high heat.
  2. Then, reduce the heat and let it cook for about 20 minutes or until the potatoes turn soft.
  3. Remove the potatoes and placed them in a mixing bowl. Add butter, salt, pepper, milk, egg and mash them together.  
  4. Add in bacon, parsley and cheese. Mix them well.
  5. Scoop up some of the mash potatoes and roll them into a ball or cylindrical shapes. Place them on a plate and repeat with the remaining mixture.
  6. Heat up cooking oil in the deep pan or pot. The oil must be at least a couple of inches deep so that the croquettes will be fully submerged.
  7. Roll the croquettes in the flour, then dip it in the egg and finally roll them in breadcrumbs. Make sure the croquettes are completely covered.
  8. Fry the croquettes in the oil for 3-5 minutes or until golden brown. Make sure you turn them over so that they are evenly cooked.
  9. Lastly, place them on the kitchen paper to remove excess oil. Serve them hot with your favourite dipping sauce.

Pair your potato croquettes with some garlic fried rice! Click here for the recipe.

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