Recipe: Sashimi Asama

Recipe: Sashimi Asama

A popular dish in Japan, the Sashimi Asama is a sashimi dish that has been consumed by the Japanese people for more than 100 years. The delicacy is made using fresh raw fish or raw meats that are sliced thinly and served with soy sauce for dipping. The dish is best eaten during lunch or even dinner. Japan has an abundance of freshwater fishes, which contributed to the development of Japanese cuisine and culture. Early writings show that the Japanese have been eating sashimi as early as the 15th century. Traditionally, the sashimi is served with Daikon radish, which has a bactericidal effect that helps cleanse the body. The creation of sashimi has led to the creation of the popular sushi. Check out the Sashimi Asama recipe down below for you to try at home.

Ingredients (2 servings):

  • Daikon Radish (10 cm long)
  • Salmon (Blocks, Good Sashimi Grade)
  • Tuna (Blocks, Good Sashimi Grade)
  • Yellowtail (Fillet, Good Sashimi Grade)
  • Shiso Leaves
  • Wasabi
  • Soy Sauce


  1. Prepare the dish by first peeling off the skin of Daikon radish. Then, use the slicer to slice the Daikon radish into smaller thin pieces. Make sure to stack at least three layers of the Daikon radish on top of each other and then cut it into short, thin strips. Place all of the thin slices of Daikon radish into a bowl filled with plain water. Set it aside for 15 minutes to make the radish more crispy. Once it has been done, remove the water from the bowl by using a filter.
  2. Proceed by cutting the tuna and yellowtail fish into 0.6 to 0.8 cm pieces. For the salmon fish, make sure slice the salmon into small thin pieces at a certain angle.
  3. Then, carry on with assembling the plate to show off the beautiful sashimi.
  4. Serve with radish, shiso leaves, wasabi and soy sauce in a small bowl along the side.

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