Reduce Plastic Usage

Reduce Plastic Usage

Among all other wastes, plastic waste is one of the residues that take longer time to decompose. The decomposition period of a single plastic bottle can take up to 450 years. For our average daily usage of a plastic bag, one plastic bag can take up to 1000 years to decompose.

Imagine using that much of plastics and the plastics are still around after so many years. Our beautiful earth will be filled with plastic wastes if no action is taken. Now the world is shocked with the news of plastics have been killing the maritime life.

A lot of whales, turtles, fish were found dead either stuck in plastic bags or swallow up a plastic bottle. Disheartening and painful to watch, imagine being the maritime life itself and living in an ocean full of plastics wastes.

As cultured and civilised humankind, we should be responsible for our earth. If not us, who else can do it. Start to reduce plastic usage and be a more responsible human being to our earth and other living things around us.

Why is Reducing Plastic Usage is Important

Living in a world with no plastics is undoubtedly much better for the earth and the living things inside it. Yes, plastic bags are super light, convenience to use and make life easier, but have you ever think about the after-effect. Your well being now is the source of suffering for future generations.

The future generations or only our kids in the future will live in a place full of wastes from our century. Here are few of importance of reducing plastic usage;

  • Save the earth

More plastics means more landfills needed and more and more scraps in the future. The wastes can flow into the ocean and cause water pollution. The pungent smell from the wastes can cause odour pollution. If we do not act now, we will be living in sick and pained earth resulting from our senseless acts.

  • Save the living things

The maritime life will be the most affected as most of the plastic wasted often flowed into rivers and oceans. More turtles were found tied around a plastic bag, and fish died of swallowed plastics. With this happening, the harmony ecosystem can be disrupted and slowly eating out the earth.

  • Save your pocket

Avoid using plastics by using the recyclable bag. By using the recyclable containers, you can avoid your dollars from being spent on buying plastic bags every time you purchase something. Use box and pouches to store your food instead of plastics, and you will see a beautiful result of doing so.

How Can We All Play Our Part

Be a part of the movement, and save our Earth by being more civilised. Here are some of the ways to reduce plastic usage in our daily life;

  • Straw

Stop using a straw at all or buy a recyclable stainless steel straw. Stainless steel straw is one of the best inventions to attract people to stop using the plastic straw.

  • Reusable bag

Instead of using plastic bags, you can start to substitute them with reusable bags and baskets.

  • Stop using gums

Gum is made of synthetic rubber or best known as plastics. By using glue, you are supporting the plastics industry.

  • Bulk shopping

Instead of buying the same things repetitively, you can buy them in bulk bins. This way, you can save money and time.

  • Use reusable bottles

If you are purchasing drinks, it is better to use the reusable bottle or tumbler. This way, you can save the earth and the price of the drinks can also be marked down.

  • Stop using polystyrene

Most meals are sold in polystyrene, instead of doing so, it best for you to bring your own container and have your meal stored inside it.

  • Make your own cleaning products

Nowadays they provide every information on the internet, with a single click you can make your own cleaning product and save money with no purchasing of the plastics packaging.

  • Make your own fresh-squeezed juice

Instead of buying juice in a plastic bottle, be healthy by squeeze your own juice and have it kept in the glass bottle.

  • Use cloth diaper

A cloth diaper is safe for the baby, and it can also reduce the baby’s carbon footprint. Provide a healthy and safer environment for your kids. Your choice.

  • Stop using a disposable razor

Instead of using a disposable razor, you should start to use the razor with replaceable blades.

Start to act now by reducing your plastic usage and see the beautiful changes you made. By reading this article, you are already one step towards changing the world to become a better place for you and your loved ones.

3 Companies That Are Working to Reduce Single-Use Plastics

Any movement that is started to reduce plastic usage should be highly appreciated to encourage everyone to do the same. Here are the companies that have been utilising their platforms to reduce the plastic usage are listed below;

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Aramark is a large food service company in America that started the movement by reducing disposable usage in their service industry. Plastic straws, bags, cutlery, stirrers and packaging materials will not be used naturally at all by 2022 in their franchises in the respective 19 countries.

2. [block]1[/block]

McDonald’s, as one of the largest fast-food chained, has determined to use only sustainable packaging and recycle their wastes. They started to introduce reusable solutions and only use 100% renewable, recycled and certified content to provide the best service for the customer without burdening them and the environment.

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With the motto “World Without Waste”, The Coca-Cola company has started the movement in renewing the packaging materials. They began to focus on how their bottles are recycled and repurposed to educate everyone to a more healthier environment without plastics.

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