Sakae Sushi Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Sakae Sushi Delivery in Kuala Lumpur

Fellow sushi lovers, Sakae Sushi now has delivery within Kuala Lumpur!

Sakae Sushi is one of the most loved restaurants among the fans of Japanese cuisines. This is proven by their achievement in opening 22 outlets all around Malaysia. They are known for prioritizing on the nutritional values and freshness of their ingredients. They serve more than 250 authentic Japanese cuisines, including sashimi, yakimono, agemono, tempura, noodles, donburi, and bento. 

Are you up for Sakae Sushi delivery? Download the foodpanda app now, and order from Sakae Sushi outlets in Setapak Central, NU Sentral, Sunway Velocity Mall, and Melawati Mall!

Recommended Dishes for Sakae Sushi Delivery in Kuala Lumpur:

  • Appetisers

Sakae Sushi offers a wide range of appetisers, ranging from the savory seasoned seafood to the sweet and smooth chawanmushi. Our recommendations for appetisers include the seasoned scallops, jellyfish, or baby octopus, as well as takoyaki, and edamame. 

  • Set meal

Sakae Sushi provides various value-for-money set meals for those who are looking for affordable meals. One of the signature set meals is the Curry Katsu Claypot, which consists of crispy chicken cutlet with thick Japanese curry, served with rice and genmaicha.

We also suggest fish lovers to try their Saba Teriyaki set meal, a sautéed mackerel with teriyaki sauce, rice and genmaicha. To cater for ramen fans, Sakae Sushi offers Gyu Ramen set meal, which consists of springy Japanese ramen soaked in their signature soy-based sauce, and topped with stir-fried beef slices and genmaicha.

  • Special Bento

Your Japanese meal would not be complete without the signature bento box set meals. Seafood lovers can opt for Asari Mussel and Saba bento sets, while those who love chickens can choose between Teriyaki and Curry Chicken or Karaage bento sets. Without forgetting egg lovers, they also serve Tamago bento sets. All of their bento sets come with a cup of cold genmaicha tea.

  • Ojyu/All Time Favourites

Sakae Sushi goes the extra mile on easing your dining experience—they have selected some of the most ordered dishes and grouped them under the all-time favourite section. 

Some of the all time favourite dishes include Mori Ten Jyu (tempura fried prawns and vegetables), Gyu Kinoko Jyu (stir-fried beef slices and mushrooms with onions and garlics), as well as the famous Chicken Teriyaki Jyu (chicken topped with teriyaki sauce). 

  • Sushi

Sakae Sushi serves various types sushi. Some of the recommended options include Soft Shell Crab Maki, Spicy Ebi Tempura, Tamago Mentai Sushi, and Ebikko Inari. On the other hand, if you find it a hassle to order a la carte sushis, simply opt for their sushi sets! This way, you’ll get to select all your favourite sushi pieces by just one click. 

  • Drinks

Besides the signature Japanese green tea, Sakae Sushi also offers Honey Yuzu, a cold citrus juice, and Jujube juice. 

Now you’ve seen all the recommended dishes for Sakae Sushi delivery in Kuala Lumpur. It’s time to grab your phone, head to foodpanda and place your orders! Wondering where else to look for Japanese cuisines? Check out the best Japanese cuisines near KLCC!

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