Salads are the combination of vegetables that usually contain vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, meat and cheese. These mixed-ingredient dishes are better served cold. Salad is the definition of healthy meals where it will never make you bloated. Salads are not necessarily composing of just vegetables but only some protein such as chicken and salmon.

Salads are the perfect food for a light breakfast, snack or even an appetiser. It’s a great way to start the meal or day with something light and non-greasy. The various textures and colours in a single bowl will whet your appetite and leave you feeling full but not bloated. The refreshing greens are perfect for hot weather as well.  

Benefits of salad

Salads are crunchy, fresh and beneficial to our health. The best part is that it is low in calories and rich in fibres. Thus, it keeps you full for more extended periods and aids in weight loss. Salads are also recommended for those having indigestion as the fibres help promote bowel movements and maintain gut health. 

With the abundance of fast-food options and greasy food, salads are a better alternative to reduce your cholesterol levels and to improve your metabolism. Besides, the fresh ingredients in salads contain anti-oxidants and nutrients that help keep your skin healthy and glowing. Thus, you’ll feel better both on the inside and outside.  

Types of salads

Green salad

Green salads have a mix of ingredient that uses lettuce as the main ingredient. There are many kinds of lettuce with various colours, tastes and textures. Some people prefer to eat iceberg lettuce, which is crispier compared to other lettuce variants. 

The butterhead lettuce has a sweet flavour with a tender texture that makes it the favourite of many. There are also romaine and loose-leaf lettuces and many more. Not to worry, as the fun part about salads is that you can customise the ingredients according to your preferences. 

Caesar salads

Caesar salads usually use romaine lettuce and are seasoned with creamy, tasty Caesar dressing that is a mix of cheese, egg yolk, mustard, anchovies, a drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice and seasonings. Adding shaved parmesan will make it taste better. This salad is filling and hearty as croutons are sometimes added to the salad as well. 

Chef salads

If you want something different than the usual salads, chef salads look fancier than salads of other types. The basic green salads are mixed with ham, cheddar cheese, turkey, boiled eggs as well as bacon of your choice. This hearty bowl of greens will put a smile on your face all day. It’s a great way to start your mornings!

Waldorf salads

Waldorf salads are a bit different as they only consist of apple, celery walnuts and red grapes. Different from other salads, this sweet, crunchy and fresh salad is a fruit and nut salad dressed with mayonnaise. Traditionally, Waldorf salads are served on a bed of lettuce. 


Coleslaw is a popular salad and is even found within the menu of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). These crunchy and savoury salad is an addictive side for some as the coleslaw has the perfect balance of sweetness with the mayonnaise. The crunchy texture of the salad comes from shredded cabbages that are tossed with vinegar, mayonnaise, sugar, salt and pepper for a creamy and tangy taste.

Pasta salads

This pasta salad is versatile as it can be an appetiser, main dish or snack. The pasta adds some carbs to the meal and provides a different taste and texture in the bowl. Typically, it is served with bow-tie pasta or any short-cut pasta with vinaigrette dressing. The combination of tomatoes, cheese, pasta, sweet peppers, baby corn and other vegetables provide nutrients that are great for digestion as well.

You can also top the salad with meat or shrimp to provide extra protein and minerals. 


Gado-gado means ‘mix-mix’ where a variety of ingredients are mixed in a bowl and giving you a delicious salad. Gado-gado is an Indonesian version of a salad that consists of potatoes, strings bean, bean sprout, spinach, chayote, bitter gourd, corn and cabbage mixed with hard-boiled egg, tempeh and tofu. The salads are coated with peanut sauce dressing.


Fiambre is a traditional Guatemalan meal that is piled high with the locals’ favourite ingredients. It is known as the mother of salad and is served chilled. This salad is usually served on the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muerto) and All Saints Day (Día de Todos los Santos). 

This unique salad can contain up to 50 ingredients in a single meal. Days of preparation are usually needed to procure all the ingredients, either grilled, boiled, chopped, boiled or any ways of cooking before being put together in a bowl and served cold.

Dressed Herring salad

This salad is usually a composed diced salted herring that covered with grated potatoes, carrot, beetroots, onions and mayonnaise to make it tastier. Dressed herring salads are the Russian version of traditional salads.

Tropical salmon salad

This salad is a seafood-based salad that can be a main dish besides just an appetiser. A well-seasoned salmon is combined with a puree of mango, honey, rice, lemon juice, vinegar and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. 

This salad reminds diners of the colours and tastes of a tropical island with warm salmon salads on the side. Salmon goes well with the mango, avocado and spinach and the flavour is unlike any other.

Pad Thai salad with coconut lime dressing

Pad Thai salad is Thailand’s version of a salad that gives you all the flavours of sweet, sour, zing and tang. The pad thai noodles are replaced with spiralised vegetables that resemble the taste of the noodle dish and is mixed with seafood or meat of your choice.

The best part of the dish is that it’s gluten-free. The fresh and crunchy texture because of the peanut dressing gives it a unique twist of flavour too. It’s a quick and simple meal that you can make at home or order from any Thai restaurant! 

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