Salted Egg Yolk Snacks

Salted Egg Yolk Snacks

Salted egg yolks snack is slowly gaining popularity among the food lovers. Salted egg is commonly eaten with rice or porridge. Nowadays, the use of salted egg in dishes is on the rise and people are getting more creative, using salted egg as a drizzle on a waffle, churning it into ice cream, or using it as fillings in croissants. The salted egg yolk snacks are almost similar to potato chips but differ in flavour.

Origins of Salted Egg Yolks

Salted egg originates from China, and it is from duck eggs that contain omega-3. Salted egg is made by coating the egg with salted charcoal or soaking it in salty water. It is widely used in Malay and Chinese cuisine.

The frenzies of salted egg started when Burger-lab came up with an unleashed salted egg yolk burger. The menu was widely received by the masses, and people started demanding salted egg-based foods, which led to the creation of croissant with salted egg yolk filling. As delicious as these dishes are, the consumption of salted egg yolks should be balanced as they are high in cholesterol.

Endless salted egg snacks

There is seemingly various kind of snack that flavoured with salted egg yolks. The popularity spread fast through Asia since the salted egg is so-called Asian delight. With different kinds of snacks that are coated or filled with salted egg yolks, consumers still need to be aware of the quantity of consumption.

Variety of salted egg snacks

  • Salted egg fish skin

Salted egg fish skin is crispy fish skin that flavoured with the salted egg that gives strong flavour and spiciness. Usually, crispy fish skin is made of dory skin or salmon that give a little sweet taste combine with a salty flavour. It is quite addictive.

  • Eureka popcorn –salted egg yolk flavour

Eureka popcorn is a Malaysian brand popcorn. Eureka popcorn comes with different flavours, including salted egg yolk, that you can enjoy while watching your favourite movie.

  • Salted egg potato chips

The perfect combination of salty and crunchy munch that you will love from the very first bite. The potatoes are thinly sliced, coated with salted egg yolk and infused with fragrant curry leaves and fiery chillies. Best enjoyed as it is or with soft drinks.

  • Salted egg yolk cronut

The combination of croissant and doughnut. Egg yolk cronut is the most hype snacks topped with salted egg yolks sauce. The balanced taste of sweet and savoury makes every bite worth it. The salted egg custard in between pastry layers makes the creamy custard taste more delightful.

  • Charcoal buns with salted egg sauce filling

Charcoal that is added to the dough is edible. The bun is steamed to give a soft texture and filled with custard mixed with salted egg yolks, giving a creamy, salty taste that melts in your mouth and makes you want more.

Where to find salted egg snacks in Malaysia

You should try various kinds of salted egg snacks in Malaysia. There are few kinds of salted egg yolks snacks available at Moomoo Yong tau fu & salted eggs snack.

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