Special occasion dishes that’ll make you go: “WTF?” (What’s the food?)

Special occasion dishes that’ll make you go: “WTF?” (What’s the food?)

These days it is no longer enough to plan the perfect party. Novelty is the buzzword of the day, but what can one do to put the special back in their special occasions? Here goes nothing…

Let them eat cake

Of all the celebrations where we’re most in danger of being served run-of-the-mill party food, birthdays must (and should) top the chart. Chances are, you yourself are about to plan a birthday party for a family member, partner or even a close friend as you read this very sentence.

Remember: a birthday spread should never, ever be boring. A special tasty twist can go a long way in making the birthday boy or girl feel extra special – and the party will no doubt be more memorable for the guests. 

Now, brace yourself, for we’re starting with the pièce de résistance of any birthday party – the birthday cake! Yup, why settle for a conventional cake when you can have a slice of this infamous nasi lemak cake to celebrate yet another year well-lived…right?


Turn your nasi lemak into a cake (or see our recommendation of where to get it below) by cooking fragrant rice in rich coconut milk then artfully pressing it into luscious layers that alternate with spicy sambal fillings.

Next, top it with even more sambal then crown it with the crucial addition: crispy deep-fried anchovies and salted peanuts for that satisfying crunch! But don’t forget the quintessential cucumber and boiled egg to give this unconventional “confection” both the freshness and balance of flavours it needs.

Not your birthday but craving nasi lemak all the same? Give the fan favourite Nasi Lemak Saleha a go. Ask nicely and they might just accommodate your special request for a very special cake indeed!

It takes two to taco

Conventional wisdom says that, when it comes to date nights, whatever you choose to eat should be absolutely fuss-free. God forbid any kind of tricky cuisine that’ll put you in danger of looking far from elegant in front of your special someone. GASP!

As you’d expect, we believe the exact opposite to be true. Dazzle your darling sweetheart honey bun with an interactive date night dinner and go with the Mexican mainstay of some tantalising tacos.

Huh? Why tacos you asked? Well, listen up, because here are the delicious deets.


Besides being highly fun to eat and full of exciting flavours, you’ll soon learn so much more about your loved one as they reveal their quirky preferences when it comes to consuming this iconic dish. Is he or she a guac-person? Are you in the presence of a spice-lover? Is coriander a major no-no and stress-inducing herb for your sweetheart? Simply switch out your usual date night feast for some tasty tacos and all will be revealed. 

Oh, definitely don’t forget to wrap up the date by surprising each other with your super special taco creations for one another. How sweet is that?!

Hmmm…not keen on making your own? No judgment, amigos! Here’s a cheat trick for you: order in pre-made fillings, condiments and sauces from Tandoori Taco with foodpanda. BAM! That’s right, we just hit you with another fusion food twist to make your romantic night-in even more special.

Stick to the action

If there is one thing that can bring people together, other than food of course, it has to be the beautiful game of football. Whether you’re watching it for the action, the strategy or just purely for the eye candy, it is a behemoth task to stay glued to the pitch while enjoying your match day meal at the same time as the LIVE telecast.

Oh sure, you can just serve up the usual suspects – savoury crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks – but why would you, when you can go for something infinitely more interesting but definitely better tasting? 

Plus the horror of cleaning up bits of crisps and sticky candy from your 100% pure wool carpet is enough to make you consider this tasty alternative: satay!


A popular Malaysian street food, the delicious satay is the proverbial “meat on a stick” made for convenience, no matter where you are. Cubes of juicy marinated meat, from chicken to beef, offal and other more exotic varieties like ostrich, rabbit and even crocodile (yes, we are dead serious) are deftly scorched to perfection with a charcoal grill.

Often served with a side of freshly sliced cucumber, rice cubes (nasi himpit) and the gloriously spiced peanut sauce, this tasty treat will sure to lift your spirits even if winning is no longer part of your favourite team’s future. Oh, just remember to not poke your guests with the bamboo sticks after you’re done eating!

Seeking some of the best satay in town? May we suggest starting your culinary adventure with Sate Kajang. Just order in with your trusty foodpanda app today.

Home sweet dumplings

Unless you’re opposed to popular culture, you must have seen the infamous dumpling making scene in the acclaimed romantic-comedy, Crazy Rich Asians. Well, for an extra special housewarming party, why not take a leaf out of this cinematic work? Host your own dumpling-making soiree for close friends and loved ones.

Prepare different fillings (best if you can provide a vegetarian/vegan option) and get hands-on with your guests by making your own special dumplings. Minced meat, assorted seafood paste, stir-fried jicama and more, the choice is really all yours. Have fun experimenting with different stuffing combinations and be sure to get really creative with the shapes. Anything goes!

By the time you’re done, you and your guests will have worked up an appetite for some homemade dumplings, too. But the best thing is, you get to try out your new kitchen while you’re at it! Now, that’s what being multi-purpose is all about, no?

What’s more, you can now order fresh ingredients via foodpanda shops or pandamart. So there’s no need to even leave the comfort of your new home. Just launch your app, order and we will have them delivered straight to your door.

Not keen on cooking? Don’t fret! Because there’s always the option to order freshly made dumplings and more with foodpanda. Give Mr Dumpling a holler and let us deliver.

Make the best of every fest

Whether it’s a small soiree or a big gathering, let foodpanda help you make it extra special with more delicious dishes you’d never thought of ordering.

Ready? Your new culinary adventure awaits on the foodpanda app, or visit www.foodpanda.my today. Download or browse away – and don’t forget to check out our monthly deals for more makan discounts!

Article Written By Maui Agustin

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