SS15 Coffee Places: 5 Great Coffee Places to Chill On the Weekends at SS15

SS15 Coffee Places: 5 Great Coffee Places to Chill On the Weekends at SS15

SS15 Coffee Places – Coffee lovers will tell you that it’s more than just a drink that helps keep you awake when you’re not ready for the day but it’s also a lifestyle. There’s an art in making coffee, in brewing coffee and enjoying coffee which is why picking the right place is important.

So to help you figure out where to hang out for your caffeine fix this weekend, we have gathered 5 great coffee places to chill on the weekends located at SS15 we know you will love. You can thank us later.

1. Coffea Coffee

When Coffea Coffee first arrived in SS15 it became the talk of town. We mean, you can recognise it from afar if you’re driving through the SS15 LRT station due to its unique building design.

Coffea Coffee doesn’t just serve high-quality and tasty coffee but they also offer good cakes, sandwiches and scones to go with your drink. We love their half industrial, half nature vibe.

If you’re lucky, get a sit on their balcony facing the road so you can people-watch while you’re enjoying your cup of coffee.

Location: A-10, Jalan SS 15/4d, Ss 15

2. Kaizen Coffee

One of the many reasons we go for coffee before we start the day is because it gives us a sense of calmness with every sip and it blocks out the outside world that demands us to rush.

Kaizen Coffee understands the chaos everyday people have to go through which is why they design their café to be minimalistic.

Whitewall, rattan furniture – it makes you feel at ease and it makes you forget the daily hustle happening just outside the café- definitely a good chill-out spot for the weekends.

Location: 73A, Jalan SS15/8A, Ss 15

3. Hype Concept Café

At Hype Café, coffee is just the start of what you’re getting. While you’re definitely getting your classic brew, you also get to play around with their different tea brews like their Dreamy Butterfly or their Strawberries and Cream T2 tea. We also love their signature Matcha Latte and Rose Latte for those of you who want something different.

If you’re the kind of person who likes a good feed with your coffee, Hype has everything from cakes, quiches to something heavier like burgers, pasta, pizza and even soups.

Location: A9-G, Jalan SS 15/4d, Ss 15

4. The FOG Room

Come for the coffee, stay for the food and the good ambience. The FOG room is all about having great coffee and great food whilst still feeling like you’re at home – if you have a good coffee machine and a personal barista at home that is.

If coffee is all you need, we recommend that you try their special item on the menu like their Chocolate Cookie Latte or their Crème Brule Latte.

As far as food goes, they have a wide variety of options and we should also mention that they serve shisha so you can definitely hang out here for a long time on the weekends.

Location: 76, Jalan SS 15/4c, Ss 15

5. Meeples

Meeples is all about comfort as you can see from their rows of sofa once you walk into their café. We love the fact that they serve quirky coffees like Nutella Latte, Rose Latte and Hazelnut Latte.

We also love the fact that they have a lot of board games to choose from so that you and your friends can enjoy a friendly game while sipping on your drink. Now that’s the right way to enjoy the weekends.

Location: 64, 1, Jalan SS 15/4d, Ss 15

These are by far the best SS15 Coffee Places that you should not miss out on. On a side note, if you want local food delivered right at your doorstep, get foodpanda to do it for you. just order via foodpanda app and receive your meal in no time!

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Evans Hu is a foody at heart. He is always on the look out to explore best places to dine in Klang Valley. When he’s free, he often goes on a “culinary trip” out of Klang Valley with his friends and family.

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