SS15 Dessert Places: 10 Unique Desserts in SS15

SS15 Dessert Places: 10 Unique Desserts in SS15

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Dessert is always the most awaited dish after the main meal. No matter how full we are, we always have space in our tummy for desserts. 

So, here we are suggesting you the top 10 SS15 Dessert Places that will blow your mind and fix your cravings!

1. Dao

Dao is a hipster cafe which is close to SS15’s famous pork noodle. It welcomes its customers by various nostalgic decorations such as murals and the typical white “good morning” towel. It is assured the one of the best SS15 dessert places. 

Dao is a unique dessert place that focuses a lot on soybean products such as soy milk, soy beancurd (Taufufa), and shaved ice with soy beancurd. It consists of plenty of fillings that complements the soybean well.

2. Hazukido Croissant

Croissant is always the best pastry we could ever ask. Luckily, Hazukido offers high-quality croissant desserts at an affordable price range. In this amazing dessert wonderland, it offers various types of croissants such as Truffle Cream, Cod Roe Croissant, Smoked Chicken Quiche, Raspberry Croissant, Black Sesame Croissant, and many more!

3. MyKori Dessert Cafe

Similar to Kakiyuki in Penang, MyKori Dessert Cafe specialises in Japanese style shaved ice with various delicious toppings and fillings. If you are around here, don’t forget to drop by this among the best SS15 dessert places.

Their menu includes their signature toast, croissants, Kakigori and some other side dishes. What makes this cafe unique is its variety of Kakigori. It has an extensive menu that consists of yoghurt ice with toppings like charcoal cream, fresh strawberries, chocolate, tiramisu, Oreo, watermelon, passion fruit, Bandung, mango, and so on.

4. Alchemist Dessert Cafe

This cool dessert cafe extends out to the outer space of the store. Therefore, this is often a popular choice among young people. This dessert place in SS15 is definitely a go-to!

Alchemist Dessert Cafe offers tons of menu choices, from the main course to drinks, and desserts as well. Here, they serve pasta, coffee and waffles with ice creams.

5. The Alley SS15

The Alley has been a hit in Malaysia since the first opening. To get a cup of the bubble milk tea, one has to queue up for more than an hour!

What makes The Alley so famous is its signature black sugar milk tea. However, they have other types of bubble milk tea drinks as well, such as chocolate and cheese. If you are not a fan of milk tea, you may go for their fizzy beverages as well for a more refreshing taste.

6. Xin Fu Tang

Another hit place for bubble milk tea is Xin Fu Tang. This place is another milk tea cafe that has a long queue as well. Similar to The Alley, this Taiwan brand is famous for its signature brown sugar boba milk tea too.

7. Chewie Mellow

This Taiwanese inspired dessert place is a Muji-style place to hang out with your friends and family. In Chewie Mellow, the menu choices range from typical famous Taiwan soya ice desserts to puddings and jelly ice desserts.

Other than that, they offer side dishes and snacks.

8. Souka Bake Shop

This beautiful cakes and desserts shop greets you with their most astonishing dessert creation ever. Its menu consists of cakes that are so heavenly and pretty to be eaten, little tarts and babycakes, amazing pavlova, the famous Creme Brulee, and so many more!

9. Ahoy Cafe

You will fall in love with this place if you love crepe cakes. Not only its interior decoration is filled with sailor theme, but Ahoy Cafe also serves a wide range of crepe cakes, bagels, coffee and other snacks too.

10. RT Pastry House

This rustic pastry dessert place is a fusion of Taiwanese and Japanese concept bakery. Made of high-quality and fresh ingredients, this pastry house offers a wide range of pastry choices such as Danish bread, buns, mousse cakes, sponge cakes, cheesecakes and many more!

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