SS15 Lunch Spots: 8 Best Cafes and Restaurants for Lunch in SS15

SS15 Lunch Spots: 8 Best Cafes and Restaurants for Lunch in SS15

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SS15 is the hot spot for adolescents and working young adults to catch up some time with their friends and colleagues. Most of the time, we can see groups of university students hanging out at some cafes and eateries during the weekends.

Here are 8 best cafes and restaurants that can be your lunch spots in SS15, Subang Jaya. 

1. Kaizen Coffee by Project Gibraltar

Kaizen Coffee is a modern and charismatic cafe located in Subang Jaya, which serves coffee and Western food. Kaizen Coffee’s extensive menu consists of burgers, sandwiches and pasta. This SS15 lunch spot price range is rather affordable considering the ambience and the portion of the food. Kaizen Coffee is opened every day except Sunday.

2. Garage 51 by Coffee Societe

If you love some rustic and container style of interior, you would fall in love with Garage 51. Located near Sunway, Garage 51 has the interior of containers as well as black decor to match the overall outlook.

This hipster cafe offers a wide range of menu choices. You can get savoury waffles here such as pancake with bacon and so on. Besides, Garage 51 serves lunch menu as well. This includes Shakshuka and pasta. Their drinks are out of the box and they serve a big jar of personalised drinks that will leave you wanting more.

3. Antipodean @ Atria

This special cafe or restaurant is located inside the Atria Shopping Mall in Damansara area, One thing that is extremely cool about this place is that it provides a playing area for little children.

Antipodean offers various types of delicious food such as waffles, pasta, pancakes, cakes, coffee and tea pasta and so many more! This place is one of the best lunch spots in SS15 if you are interested in some light Western meals. Head over anytime you want as it is opened daily.

4. Good Friends Cafe

Similar to its name, Good Friends Cafe is just like a best friend in life, warm and reliable. This special cafe offers a mixture of Oriental and Western cuisines. This fusion style attracts more people as it feels more like home. Good Friends Cafe serves typical Malaysian food such as Nasi Lemak, fish soup glass noodles, ginger chicken and many more. Its Western menu includes Bruschetta platter, egg benedicts, pasta, salads and burgers, steak, French toast and many more!

5. Tryst Cafe

Tryst Cafe is another hipster hangout place, especially among the university students. It opens from morning till night so you can have all three meals in one place! It offers various types of Western menu and you may try out their all-day snacks too!


Jibril is a restaurant that is designed sophisticatedly in SS15. Its menu consists of all types of food and drinks such as steaks, lamb chops, burgers, fish, croissants and mocktails.

7. Ooi Noodle House

Apparently, Ooi Noodle House is the famous pork noodle in SS15. Everyone who wants to eat some pork noodles will definitely head over to this place. What’s more to this place is that the waiting time to get a bowl of this goody is around an hour or more! You may choose your fillings for this bowl of pork noodles such as pork belly, innards, meatballs, minced pork and many more. You may customise your own bowl of pork noodles according to your likings.

8. Restoran Gold Chilli

For those who prefer to have something more localised, Gold Chilli is the place. It serves various types of Malaysian food such as fried rice, spicy grilled seafood, Tom Yam and many more. It is the ideal spot during the rainy seasons.

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