SS2 Breakfast Places: Breakfast for the Early Risers

SS2 Breakfast Places: Breakfast for the Early Risers

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We often hear how it is advisable to have a stomach-filling breakfast before you start your day, even when you are on a diet. This proves how essential breakfast is for us for our mental and physical growth. For some of you who do not practise waking up too early, brunch is another excellent option to jumpstart your energy for the rest of your day.

As known to all, the busy neighbourhood of SS2 is crowded with many great cafes and restaurants that serve the yummiest breakfast for the early risers. Here, we have listed out a few of the top 3 SS2 breakfast places to help you plan your first meal of the day.

1. Restoran Tasty Porridge

As the name indicates, this Chinese restaurant offers porridge and other food items that are all made of fresh ingredients. Some of their signature dishes include minced meat porridge, fatty belly pork, Chicken and Century Egg Porridge and many more.

Restoran Tasty Porridge lives up to its name as all its food menu are very tasty and delicious. They also offer a wide range of side dishes for the porridge such as frog meat, fish, pork meat and even organ meat. Now you know why it’s the best breakfast place for the SS2 residents!

2. The Dessert Workshop

Get your hands on some really good and delicious desserts for breakfast or brunch. Trust me; you will not regret coming to a dessert shop for your first meal of the day. They feature Western and Oriental desserts which are served in both hot and cold temperatures according to your preference. The great news is that the ingredients are prepared and made fresh, thus ensuring its quality to be good.

The Dessert Workshop has pretty healthy food choices as they use organic ingredients. So, it is a great spot for those who wish to keep their waistline in check. Be sure to try out their Double Skin Milk and Yogurt Ice Cream. This is one of the dishes you would not want to miss!

3. The Morning After

A great brunch or breakfast spot for the early risers who prefer more typical Western-style food. They are famous for their American Dream, which is a platter of Big Breakfast, whereby you get to choose your own choice of eggs, as well as choosing between turkey ham or beef bacon. It is recommended to add more of your favourite side ingredients to the Big Breakfast platter, especially their main star side dish – Lamb Sausage.

The rest is taken care of by their chef. Besides, they provide a more extensive range of food menu for customers. Combined with their aesthetic shop decoration of wooden furniture and spacious minimalist ambience, this café is perfect for Instagram posts too! Located at The Pinnacle in the heart of SS2, The Morning After surely wins the heart of many with their lovely food! So, why wouldn’t it be the best breakfast place choice for you in SS2?

These are some of the best spots we think that are great for outdoor breakfast and brunch in SS2. However, should you have any other eatery suggestions, make sure to let us know!

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